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Taxation Assignment-On July 1, 20x5, following an examination of T’s returns for 20x1 and 20x2, the IRS issued..

Tutorial # 00029051
Posted On: 10/28/2014 06:53 AM
Posted By: jia_andy
Tutorial Preview …action xx the xxxxxx In the xxxx of a xxxxxx to xxx xxxxxxx what xxxxxxx would you xxxxxxx to Jo?October xxx 2014Jo xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx LaneColumbus, xxxxx IRS audit, xxxxxxxx adjustmentsDear Jo:I xx writing xx xxxx your xxxxxxx regarding the xxx audit letter xxx recently xxxxxxxx xx is xxxxxxxxx known as xx IRS 525 xxxxxx The xxxxxx xxxxxxxx thirty xxxx to respond xxx can do xxx following:1 xxxxxx xxx IRS xxxxxxxxxxx Tax liabilities xxxx be fixed, xxx you xxxx xx billed xxx tax, interest xxx penalty 2 xxxxxx the xxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxxxxx and determine xx the amount xx winnable xxxxx xxxxxxxx filing xx Appeal of xxx assessment Attachments xxxx with xxx xxxxxx outline xxx to file xxx Appeal and xxxxx to xx xx This xxxxx to be xxxxx within thirty xxxx of xxx xxxx of xxx letter received, xxx from when xxx receive xx xxxxxx an xxxxxxxx decision involves xxxxxxx factors that xxx should xxxxxxxx xx making xxx decision:1 Are xxx items listed xx the xxxxxxx xxxxx actually xxxxxxxxxx items? Did xxx produce proof xxxxxx the…