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Macroeconomics MCQs 1-25

Tutorial # 00002718
Number of words in this Tutorial: 1235
Posted On: 10/28/2013 07:04 AM
Posted By: expertden
Tutorial Preview …wants xx unlimited xxxxx wants and xxxxxxx producer resources xx limited xxxxx xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx producer wants x In a xxxxxx economy, xxxxx xxx allocated xx the basis xx ________ a) xxxxxxxx of xxxxxxx xx need xx willingness and xxxxxxx to pay xx political xxxxx x When x curve shifts, xx implies that xxxxxxxx 1 xxx xxxxxxxxx on xxx X- and xxxxxx are switched x there xx x movement xxxx one point xx another point xx the xxxx xxxxx 3 xxxxx is some xxxx of disequilibrium xx the xxxxxx x for xxxx given amount xx the X xxxxxxxx there xx x new xxxxxx of the x variable 4 xxxx graphing xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx one xxxxxx ________ a) xxxxx the various xxxxx on xxx xxxxxx b) xxxxxx be drawn xxxxx a line xxxxx c) xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx in x single time xxxxxx d) concentrate xx collecting xxxx xx a xxxxxx variable 5 xxxxx of the xxxxxxxxx is xxx xxxx of xxx input market? xx Capital b) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx c) xxxxx xx Lands x With specialization xx resources, ________ xx the xxxxx xx the xxx is decreasing xx more of xxx good xx xxx X-axis xx produced b) xxxxxxxx opportunity costs xxxxxxxx c) xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx tend xx be constant xx there is xxxx emphasis xx xxxx reliance x Which of xxx following will xxxxx the xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx frontier xx shift outward? xx an increase xx the xxxx xx the xxxxx force b) x decrease in xxx unemployment xxxx xx a xxxxxxxx in…