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LBJ Company--You have just been contracted as a budget consultant by LBJ Company

Tutorial # 00175902
Posted On: 01/26/2016 07:35 AM
Posted By: john
Tutorial Preview …LBJ xxxxxxx CASH xxxxxx FOR THE xxxxx MONTHS ENDING xxxxxxxx 31 xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx December xxxxxxx Cash balance xxxxxx 50,000 50,000 xxxxxx Add xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx customers xxxxxxx 750,000 960,000 xxxxxxxxx Total cash xxxxxxxxx 520,000 xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx 2,230,000 xxxx Disbursements Merchandise xxxxxxxxx 272,000 352,000 xxxxxxx 900,000 xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx 220,000 xxxxxxx 660,000 Rent xxxxxx 20,000 20,000 xxxxxx…
LBJ_Company.xlsx (20.17 KB)