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MATHS - Hypothesis Multiple Choice Questions

Tutorial # 00010356
Posted On: 03/24/2014 02:16 AM
Posted By: expertden
Tutorial Preview …sample xx n x 18 D xxx null hypothesis xxx not xxxxxxxx xxxxx a xxxxxx of n x 19 2 x hypothesis xxxx xxxxxxxx a x statistic of x = 2 xx If xxx xxxxxxxxxx is xxxxx a two-tailed xxxx with a x 05, xxx xxxx does xxx sample have xx be in xxxxx to xxxxxx xxx null xxxxxxxxxxxx At least x = 13B xx least x x 14C xx least n x 15D At xxxxx n x xxx What xxxxxxxx for t xxxxx be used xxx a xxxxx xxxxxxxx of x population mean xxxxx a single-sample x statistic?A x x 0B x = +/-1 xxx t = xxxx 96D xxxxxx xxxxxx without xxxxxxxxxx information4 As xxxxxx variance increases, xxxx happens xx xxx likelihood xx rejecting null xxxxxxxxxx and what xxxxxxx to xxxxxxxx xx effect xxxx such as xxx and Cohen's xxx The xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx of effect xxxx increase B xxx likelihood xxxxxxxxx xxx measures xx effect size…