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How News Lifts – or Sinks – World Stock
sing the WileyPlus resources, go to the “How News Lifts – or Sinks – World Stock” example. Create a ten to fifteen (10-15) slide PowerPoint presentation (be creative). Be sure to use t …
Art / General Art 2013-09-30 1 Yes $43.00
ART 101 full course
ART 101Week 1: Due 4/18Discussion Questions: Discussion 1: Florence, the Dominant City-StateExplain how Florence reflects the ideals of the dominant city-state and how some of the geographical, econom …
Art / General Art 2013-10-18 1 Yes $35.00
Art History
ART HISTORYSubject: Adam and Eve at the Walters Art Musuem, Baltimore MD1. Write a visual analysis (2 pages) of your object. A visual analysis is a detailed description of an artwork. You ca …
Art / Art History 2013-10-21 0 Yes $30.00
Art Essay Paper
Art Essay Essay about artist (june wayne) at least 2 pages. I want the essay be like this:- The introduction: General information about the artist Body: 1st paragraph: Talk about a picture you li …
Art / General Art 2013-12-31 1 Yes $10.00
The assignment was for my art, music and movement class
The assignment was for my art, music and movement class Considering everything you have learned in this course, in a 2-3 page paper write a personal action plan that strategizes how you will impleme …
Art / General Art 2013-12-13 1 Yes $22.00
The French writer, Emile Zola, claimed that the impressionists
The French writer, Emile Zola, claimed that the impressionists were selling sketches that are hardly dry. Identify and example of an impressionist painting that represents Zola's description. The avai …
Art / General Art 2014-01-27 1 Yes $15.00
Giotto di Bondone’s The Kiss of Judas
Giotto di Bondone’s The Kiss of Judas is an early Renaissance work. Which of our themes of humanism, individualism, and scientific naturalism do you see in this painting? Do you see much perspective …
Art / General Art 2014-02-01 1 Yes $10.00
devry humn 303
For this week's discussion, choose realism or impressionism as a basis for your posts and discuss how your choice is manifested in any area of the humanities (i.e., painting, sculpture, literature, …
Art / General Art 2014-02-05 1 Yes $5.00
Misc. Multiple Choice Questions Test Bank
1. The organization of visual elements in a work of art is referred to as _______ (Points : 2) the compositionthe proportionthe designthe balance 2. In a formal critique of artwork, the critic is eval …
Art / General Art 2014-02-12 1 Yes $22.00
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Art / General Art 2014-02-28 0 Yes $3.00