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Loan Project: Buying a House
Instructions: For this assignment, you will analyze a home mortgage loan. 1. Find a description, asking price, and real estate taxes of a house for sale, and decide on a purchase price you would be w …
Mathematics / General Mathematics 2013-11-27 1 Yes $15.00
Statistics project
Statistics project This project will involve the gathering of samples and the use of both descriptive and inferential statistics. It will be due by December 17th. All work must be shown and the write …
Mathematics / General Mathematics 2013-11-21 1 Yes $80.00
bus311 unit 1 discussion
Discussion BoardFive data collection techniques are discussed in this week’s readings. Using articles from the library’s full-text databases, find examples of studies that used two different metho …
Mathematics / General Mathematics 2013-11-28 1 Yes $8.00
bus311 unit 1 assignment
In each of the assignments in this course, you will be dealing with the following scenario: American Intellectual Union (AIU) has assembled a team of researchers in the United States and around the wo …
Mathematics / General Mathematics 2013-11-27 0 Yes $30.00
saint leo MAT-131 all module discussions
Module 1 Discussion Complete the following exercises from The Value of Thinking Mathematically Section 1: Problem Solving Exercise 3 on page 6 and one discussion question from page 7. Pl …
Mathematics / General Mathematics 2013-11-30 1 Yes $35.00
saint leo MAT-131 module 8 project assignment
The second project will be sent via email and consists of a set of data with three independent questions.The first question should ask you to create a histogram or bar graph for some variable categori …
Mathematics / General Mathematics 2013-11-30 1 Yes $35.00
saint leo MAT-131 module 4 project ppt
Complete Exercise 1 on pages 17-19 inThe Value of Thinking Mathematically. For this project, you will create a “presentation” that should be completed in such a way that the instructor can “w …
Mathematics / General Mathematics 2013-11-30 0 Yes $35.00
ASHFORD MAT 222 Entire Course - Intermediate Algebra
MAT 222 Week 1 Assignment Solving Proportions Intermediate AlgebraSolving ProportionsRead the following instructions in order to complete this assignment:Solve problem 56 on page 437 of Elementary and …
Mathematics / General Mathematics 2013-11-22 0 Yes $70.00
MAT 221 Introduction to Algebra
MAT 221 WEEK 1 ASSIGNMENT ( Simplifying Expressions ) ~ INTRODUCTION TO ALGEBRASimplifying ExpressionsRead the following instructions in order to complete this assignment, and review the example of ho …
Mathematics / Algebra 2013-11-22 0 Yes $65.00
devry MATH-102 all week discussions
Week 1 discussion MyMathLab (graded) You will be making extensive use of MyMathLab (MML) to complete the assignments listed in order on the Course Schedule. The help resources availabl …
Mathematics / General Mathematics 2013-11-30 1 Yes $20.00