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Math 305 Guideline for Neel
Guidelines for final paper: Copy and paste the task list data table from spreadsheet 1 (Part1 label as "fat") of your spreadsheet in exact location inside a new as the second spreadsheet so that the a …
Mathematics / General Mathematics 2013-09-23 0 Yes $45.00
Math 305 for neel
Here is the assignment that is due for the last part of the last paper u helped me with. Part I - II: Review and revise your individual project from last week. You must include parts I and II from in …
Mathematics / General Mathematics 2013-09-16 2 Yes $45.00
Mat222 week 5 ashford university (assignment and discussion)
DiscussionsTo participate in the following discussions, go to this week'sDiscussionlink in the left navigation.Relations and Functions In this discussion, you will be assigned two equations with which …
Mathematics / General Mathematics 2013-09-25 6 Yes $13.00
Math 117 Week 1 DQ 1
Mathematics / Algebra 2013-09-24 7 Yes $1.00
Math117 algebra 1B
Need help with homework for week 1 due weds. …
Mathematics / General Mathematics 2013-09-25 19 Yes $16.00
Mat 221 week 1
Read the following instructions in order to complete this discussion, and review theexample of how to complete the math required for this assignment:Write your birth date or the birth date of someone …
Mathematics / General Mathematics 2013-09-29 3 Yes $35.00
Judy has conducted an analysis for her supervisor. The results she obtained was a correlation coefficient that was negative 0.86. Judy is confused by this number and feels that because it is negative …
Mathematics / General Mathematics 2013-09-30 2 Yes $5.00
A researcher wishes to estimate the proportion of college students who cheat on exams. A poll of 490 college students showed that 33% of them had, or intended to, cheat on examinations. Find the margi …
Mathematics / General Mathematics 2013-09-30 2 Yes $5.00
Maths Problems
Please provide answers to the below set of questions. 1. A sum of `8550 is to be paid in 15 installments where each installment2. A salesman is known to sell a product in 3 out of 5 attempts. While an …
Mathematics / General Mathematics 2013-09-29 1 Yes $5.00
Altavox case
for this Altavox case, if I needed to use a simple exponential smoothing model with a test of two alpha values, .2 and .4, assuming that the alpha value of .2 is the past three week average, and for t …
Mathematics / General Mathematics 2013-10-09 1 Yes $20.00