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Annotated bibliography
Annotated bibliography on Gabriel Marquez. Choose four to five articles that you feel represent the research. You will then create an annotation for each source. First give the citation of the source. …
English / General English 2013-05-22 1 Yes $15.00
Burger King Advertisement
write about ad for Burger King in magazine, and also complies with outline attached. Sample Ad Analysis Outline I. Introduction a. Attention Getter - Anecdote, question,etc. which places reader in cor …
English / General English 2013-05-23 1 Yes $25.00
Why do the authors propose that marks only reflect academic achievement, and not other factors like effort or attitude? Could including factors like these in the marking data affect instructional deci …
English / General English 2013-08-08 0 Yes $8.00
Shared Talking Styles Herald New and Lasting Romance
Use the ProQuest database to locate and read the article entitled, “Shared Talking Styles Herald New and Lasting Romance”. Then, visit the Language Style Matching website and, using sample wri …
English / General English 2013-07-23 1 Yes $25.00
Eng101-trident university module 2
Module 2 -CaseNarrative and Descriptive WritingFor the case you will write a three-four page, double spaced, narrative that tells a story, and you will use what you learned about description to help y …
English / General English 2013-07-31 1 Yes $25.00
As stated in the first lesson, by the end of the course you will have produced a portfolio that contains several research activities, including a bibliography related to your research paper, an introd …
English / General English 2013-09-26 1 Yes $120.00
Essay 400-500 words due Sunday.
Tom Heuerman, in his article,The Identified Losers: Reality or Perception?in Assignment 4b, asserts that “Our perception of the identified losers began to change as the organization I led began a tr …
English / General English 2013-08-07 1 Yes $7.00
Help with essay.
Essay Instructions:The essay must be at least 500 words.Prompt: Write an essay about an act of kindness that you did for someone.Be sure to stay on topic, make your writing interesting and make sure …
English / General English 2013-08-08 1 Yes $10.00
ENGL 2326_49F_3 - American Literature
SOPHOMORE RESEARCH PAPER ASSIGNMENTSOPHOMORE RESEARCH PAPER ASSIGNMENTThis is a semester-long project. The research paper will be a critical analysis of one work that will be discussed during the curr …
English / General English 2013-09-05 1 Yes $35.00
business english paper
Assignment 3.1: Persuasive Message - Draft Version Write a four (4) to five (5) paragraph form letter to potential customers on the range of services your business or organization can provide. (The …
English / General English 2013-08-20 1 Yes $20.00