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nr390 all weeks discussions latest 2016 nov [ all 8 discussions }
discussionsweek 1Making Nursing History Today (graded)Nursing history is not just about the past and famous people, but is being made by nurses every day. Who do you know that is making nursing histor …
Health Care / Hematology 2016-11-30 0 Yes $65.00
nr439 week 1 discussion 2017 march
week 1Role of Research and the Importance of the Searchable Clinical Question (graded)The practice of nursing is deeply rooted in nursing knowledge, and nursing knowledge is generated and disseminated …
Health Care / Hematology 2017-03-31 1 Yes $15.00
nr439 week 4 discussions 2017 march
Ethical and Legal Issues (graded)Read one of the following.Stefaniak, M., & Mazurkiewicz, B. (2017). The importance of adhering to high standards of research ethics. British Journal of Nursing, 26 …
Health Care / Hematology 2017-03-23 1 Yes $16.00
Community Health: Climate, Health, Violence, Wellness
Community Health: Climate, Health, Violence, Wellness1.Examine one weather condition over the past two years in the U.S. which drastically affected the population. How can the community better prepare …
Health Care / Hematology 2017-10-10 1 Yes $18.00