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marketing assignment
Company Introduction, Market Segmentation, and Product Positioning In this assignment you will describe your fictitious company and provided its background. Then, you are ready to start building the …
Marketing / Marketing 2013-07-29 1 Yes $55.00
Annotated bibliography
Annotated bibliography on Gabriel Marquez. Choose four to five articles that you feel represent the research. You will then create an annotation for each source. First give the citation of the source. …
Literary Studies / World Literature 2013-07-30 1 Yes $28.00
2 assignments criminal justice
ÂÂRJS405-1301B-01 Research Methods and Statistics for Criminal JusticeAssignment Name:Unit 4 Individual ProjectDeliverable Length:3–5-page paperDetails:Library Research AssignmentUse the libra …
Gender Studies / General Gender Studies 2013-07-31 1 Yes $60.00
Create an annotated bibliography to organize your research for the Communication Guide.·Research peer-reviewed articles and research studies from within the last 10 years that focus on business norms …
Communications / General Communications 2013-07-31 1 Yes $12.00
Feasibility Analyses and Business PlansPlease respond to the following:Develop an idea for a new business and conduct a feasibility analysis.Please be as creative as you like in the development of you …
Business / General Business 2013-07-30 1 Yes $8.00
BUS402 WEEK 3 DQ1Buying an Existing BusinessPlease respond to the following:From the e-Activity, discuss the best possible method for determining thevalue of the business you selected. Explain your ra …
Business / General Business 2013-07-30 1 Yes $8.00
Week FiveExcellence Paper**Write a 1
Week Five Excellence Paper** Write a 1,000- to 1,500-word paper in which you formulate a framework for achieving and maintaining individual excellence for your life and list what skills you have or ne …
General Questions / General Academic Questions 2013-07-31 1 Yes $25.00
If P(x) is a polynomial with P(-6)=1.12
If P(x) is a polynomial with P(-6)=1.12 and P(-5)=0.6 then which of the following must be true: a. There is a zero for P(x) between x=-6 and x=-5, but it may be a complex number b. There is a zero for …
Mathematics / Algebra 2013-07-24 1 Yes $1.00
C O M - 360
Watch one of the following films:· Why Did I Get Married (PG-13)· Slumdog Millionaire (R)· Real Women Have Curves (PG-13)· Whale Rider (PG-13)· The Princess and the Frog (G)· The Kite Runner (PG …
Communications / General Communications 2013-07-31 1 Yes $25.00
CJ455 Emergency Planning
1. Summarize the seven elements of an effective disaster communications2.Identify three methods for communicating an “active shooter” situation to students and faculty on a college3.Provide an …
General Questions / General Academic Questions 2013-07-30 1 Yes $20.00