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Financial Analysis - 15 pager on company executive summary
Choose a company about 15 pager Suggested Project Outline 1. Executive Summary 2. Firm, Industry, and Environment (not to exceed 2 pages) 1. Summary description the firm including a brief des …
Finance / Finance 2013-06-30 6 Yes $80.00
Equal Employment Opportunity and Employee Rights Review
HRM 300: Equal Employment Opportunity and Employee Rights ReviewNeed help with my portion of the assignment ASAP!For each selected law or issue, locate a present-day court case that has challenged you …
Business / General Business 2013-06-30 1 Yes $25.00
business communication - Analyze persuasive requests and sales messages
There are two questions. Each essay needs to be 200 words or more. If at all possible please use Business Communication (making connections in a digital world) as a reference while answering the quest …
Business / Management 2013-06-30 1 Yes $25.00
biology science - paper on natural resources and energy
Q:Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper on natural resources and energy. Include the following: Choose a specific ecosystem, such as a forest, grassland, or a marine or freshwater aquatic ecosystem. Ã …
Biology / General Biology 2013-06-30 2 Yes $45.00
Guillermo’s Furniture Store Scenario
While many people know that Sonora, Mexico is a beautiful vacation spot, it is also a large furniture manufacturing location in North America. Guillermo Navallez made furniture for years near his Sono …
Business / General Business 2013-06-30 0 Yes $75.00
non-fiction, non-autobiographical book related to child development
Choose a non-fiction, non-autobiographical book related to child development and/or issues that children face. The book you choose must be between 250-300 pages. After choosing and reading a book, wri …
Psychology / General Psychology 2013-06-30 2 Yes $45.00
The Victorian Age
Much debate existed during the Romantic period about women’s roles in society. Writers such as Mary Wollstonecraft and Anna Leticia Barbauld articulated specific options, while the positions of othe …
Asian Studies / Art of Asia 2013-06-30 1 Yes $40.00
Crime and justice
Crime and justice are subjects that are frequently presented on television. Prime-time television shows, soap operas, music videos, and cartoons often portray images of crime and criminal justice in a …
Law / General Law 2013-06-30 1 Yes $35.00
International Business Risk
word count is 1000 words, refAssume that your business is visible and an important member of the community. Would the government encourage a decision to expand? How would it affect the reputation of t …
Business / General Business 2013-06-30 1 Yes $38.00
America’s Post-Civil War Growing Pains
Write a three to four (3-4) page paper on the period from Reconstruction through widespread industrialization in the Western United States (approximate time period: 1865-1900.)Your paper should cover …
History / General History 2013-06-30 0 Yes $38.00