SO 302 - What is a social insurance program

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1. What is a social insurance program? Be able to name at least 3.

2. The Elizabethan Poor laws. Who was in charge of services and who was responsible for taking care of the poor?

3. TANF-Temporary Assistance to Needy Families. What are the goals of TANF?

4. AFDC-Aid to Families and to Dependent Children. How was this replaced be TANF and when?

5. Characteristics of the Settlement House Movement.

6. What is Social Security Income and why was it created?

7. How are social welfare policies created and who has a say in the creation of the programs? What levels of government are involved and how else are policies enacted?

8. What is a Darwinist view?

9. What is a "residual" concept of social welfare policy?

10. What periods are considered part of the Discoveries of poverty?

11. Social Welfare in the U.S. and how is it different than other countries?

12. What is irritational theory?

13. The definition of social welfare policy.

14. What is the Utilitarianism as a philosophy?

15. What is Laissez-faire capitalism?

16. The NASW code of ethics. What ethic codes guide social policy creation and change. What are the social workers mission regarding social policy.

17. Selective Programs and Universal programs. Be able to name what social service programs fall under which category and why. What is the difference between a selective and universal program.

18. Social welfare verses social justice.

19. Social Work verses social welfare.

20. The evolution of social welfare.

21. How did religion affect social welfare?

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  1. SO 302 - What is a social insurance program

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