Source Analysis Paper

Source Analysis Paper

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Must follow Rubric and directions Preparation
  1. Consult the supporting documents from Patrick Rael’sReading, Writing, and Researching for History. It is history-focused but the lessons apply to all forms of “active reading.”
  2. Take notes on your source. Focus on the issues highlighted by Rael (e.g., topic sentences, understanding the thesis/argument).
  3. After you have identified the main argument of the author(s), consider if it is convincing or not. If so, what proved compelling? If not, what seems incorrect and/or misleading?
  4. Consider the evidence provided by your author(s). Are they relying on a wide range of source material, or, are they selectively “cherry picking” data/evidence to support a predetermined argument?
  5. Once these initial steps have been taken, it is time to move onto structuring your Source Analysis

Structure of the Source Analysis

There are many ways to structure a source analysis. What I am suggesting you do is follow this template to make things easier. It is, in essence, the typical “five-paragraph essay” format.

  1. In an introductory paragraph, outline the main points of the article/chapter and identify the thesis statement. What is the argument?
  2. In a second paragraph, delve a little deeper. Offer a specific example for analysis. Here, we are interested in how evidence/sources are used by the author to make points.
  3. In a third paragraph, continue this process. Select another example that you can assess to determine the veracity/utility of the author(s)’ overall argument.
  4. In a fourth paragraph, offer one more example of source utilization by the author as it relates to constructing the article/chapter’s main argument.
  5. In a fifth and final paragraph, sum up what you have offered thus far. In addition, offer an overall assessment of the article/book. Is the thesis proved? If not, what might have been offered to make the argument more compelling?

This is a straightforward exercise. That does not mean "easy;" however, it is entirely "doable." Read the source and reflect upon whether or not it accomplished the goals set forth by the author(s). Submit via Blackboard drop box…

USE THE RUBRIC!!! [formatting a bit off from embedding, apologies - see attachment if it is problematic for you]

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