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Overview:You have been promoted from first-line supervisor and now hold a position of an executive officer (below the head of the agency) in a police department or correctional facility. You are aware of several officers who have long been the subjects of a disproportionally high rate of excessive use of force complaints. One of these officers is the brother of the head of the agency you work for, and you are aware that each of these use of force complaints has been dismissed.

The purpose of this assignment is for you to be able to identify an ethical dilemma and the responsibilities of the ethical leader and make recommendations for strategies for improvement. In your final project, you will be using these skills to identify these components in your selected case study.

Prompt:In the form of a memorandum, complete the following:

? Ethical dilemma(s):Discuss the ethical dilemma(s) you and the agency face. How does this issue affect the community?

? Responsibilities of ethical leader:What are your responsibilities as a leader in this situation? Discuss how you would properly address this as a leader and ethical professional.

? Impact of decision: Discuss how your decisions on this issue dealing with officers using excessive force may impact the culture of the organization.

? Strategies for improvement: What strategies can you recommend that will help to improve the relationship between the community and the organization as you address this issue?

? Support your work with scholarly evidencefrom the text or outside sources.

Refer to the Criminal Justice Library Tips for support in finding and citing outside resources.

Guidelines for Submission:Your memorandum need not follow typical APA guidelines and can be single-spaced. Include evidence from the textbook as well as at least one outside scholarly source, which should be cited in APA format at the end of the memorandum.

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