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Strayer PAD 525 Week 2 Assignment 1 – Constitutional and Admin Law

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1. Your state’s statute that defines what is considered to be a public record that must be made available to the public upon request.
2. The pre-World War I opinion by the U.S. Supreme Court holding, on re-argument, that a federal income tax was unconstitutional.
3. The federal statute authorizing the U.S. Secretary of Transportation to make payments to states for the value of materials stockpiled near federal highway construction projects in conformity with the project specifications.
4. The federal joint regulation of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and Department of Commerce, identifying the factors for listing, delisting, or reclassifying endangered species.
5. Your state’s administrative regulations specifying the licensure process for real estate agents.
6. The local ordinance in your municipality governing noise.
7. The most recent opinion of your state’s highest appeals court describing the extent to which the state constitution requires that the power of eminent domain be exercised only for a public use.
8. A recent federal trial court decision in your federal district describing the standard for summary judgment in federal court.
9. A law-review article published within the past five (5) years about libel law and political campaign advertisements.

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Strayer PAD 525 Week 2 Assignment 1 – Constitutional and Admin Law Paper

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Tutorial Preview …tax xxxxxx to x 8 percent xx GDP by xxxx 3 xxx xxxxxxx statute xxxxxxxxxxx the U x Secretary of xxxxxxxxxxxxxx to xxxx xxxxxxxx to xxxxxx for the xxxxx of materials xxxxxxxxxx near xxxxxxx xxxxxxx construction xxxxxxxx in conformity xxxx the project xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (a) xx xxxxxxx —The xxxxxxxxxx from time xx time as xxx work xxxxxxxxxxx xxx make xxxxxxxx to a xxxxx for costs xx construction xxxxxxxx xx the xxxxx on a xxxxxxx Such payments xxx also xx xxxx for xxx value of xxx materials— (1) xxxx have xxxx xxxxxxxxxx in xxx vicinity of xxx construction in xxxxxxxxxx to xxxxx xxx specifications xxx the projects; xxx (2) that xxx not xx xxx vicinity xx the construction xx the Secretary xxxxxxxxxx that xxxxxxx xx required xxxxxxxxxxx at an xxxxxxxx location the xxxxxxxx cannot xx xxxxxxxxxx in xxxx vicinity (b) xxxxxxx Agreement —No xxxxxxx shall xx xxxx under xxxx chapter except xxx a project xxxxxxx by x xxxxxxx agreement xxxxx completion of xxx project in xxxxxxxxxx with xxx xxxxxxx agreement, x State shall xx entitled to xxxxxxx out xx xxx appropriate xxxx apportioned or xxxxxxxxx to the xxxxx of xxx xxxxxx balance xx the Federal xxxxx payable for xxxx project xxx xxxx payments xxxxx be made xx such official xx officials xx xxxxxxxxxx as xxx be designated xx the State xxxxxxxxxxxxxx department xxx xxxxxxxxxx under xxx laws of xxx State to xxxxxxx public xxxxx xx the xxxxx (Pub L xxxxxxxxx Aug 27, xxxxx 72 xxxx xxxx Pub x 88–157, §7(b), xxx 24, 1963, xx Stat xxxx xxx L xxxxxxxx title I, xxxxxx Aug 13, xxxxx 87 xxxx xxxx Pub x 94–280, title xx §118(a), May xx 1976, xx xxxx 437; xxx L 100–17, xxxxx I, §133(b)(6), xxx 2, xxxxx xxx Stat xxxx Pub L xxxxxxxxxx title I, xxxxxxxxxx Dec xxx xxxxx 105 xxxx 1948; Pub x 105–178, title xx §§1212(a)(2)(A)(i), xxxxx xxxx 9, xxxxx 112 Stat xxxx 226 ) xxxxxxxxxx 1998—Subsec xxx xxx L xxxxxxxxxx §1302(1), added xxxxxx (a) and xxxxxx out xxxxxx xxxxxx (a) xxxxx read as xxxxxxxx “The Secretary xxxx in xxx xxxxxxxxxxx from xxxx to time xx the work xxxxxxxxxxx make xxxxxxxx xx a xxxxx for costs xx construction incurred xx it xx x project xxxxx payments shall xx no time xxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxxx of xxx costs of xxxxxxxxxxxx incurred to xxx date xx xxx voucher xxxxxxxx such payment xxxx the Federal xxxxx of xxx xxxxx of xxx materials which xxxx been stockpiled xx the xxxxxxxx xx such xxxxxxxxxxxx in conformity xx plans and xxxxxxxxxxxxxx for xxx xxxxxxx Such xxxxxxxx may also xx made in xxx case xx xxx such xxxxxxxxx not in xxx vicinity of xxxx construction xx xxx Secretary xxxxxxxxxx that because xx required fabrication xx an xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxx cannot be xxxxxxxxxx in such xxxxxxxx ” xxxxxx xxx Pub x 105–178, §1302(1), xxxxx subsec (b) xxx struck xxx xxxxxx subsec xxx which read xx follows: “After xxxxxxxxxx of x xxxxxxx in xxxxxxxxxx with the xxxxx and specifications, xxx approval xx xxx final xxxxxxx by the xxxxxxxxxx a State xxxxx be xxxxxxxx xx payment xxx of the xxxxxxxxxxx sums apportioned xx it xx xxx unpaid xxxxxxx of the xxxxxxx share payable xx account xx xxxx project xxx Subsec (c) xxx L 105–178, xxxxxxxxxx (3), xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx (e) xx (c) and xxxxxx out former xxxxxx (c) xxxxx xxxx as xxxxxxxx “No payment xxxxx be made xxxxx this xxxxxxxx xxxxxx for x project located xx a Federal-aid xxxxxx and xxxxxxx xx a xxxxxxx agreement No xxxxx payment shall xx made xx x State xxx its costs xx construction of x project xxxxx xxx completion xx the construction xxx been approved xx the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx inspections xxxxxxxx to section xxxxxx of this xxxxx ” xxxxxx xxx Pub x 105–178, §1302(2), xxxxxx out subsec xxx which xxxx xx follows: xxxxx making payments xxxxxxxx to this xxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxx xxxxx be xxxxx by the xxxxxxxxxxx with respect xx the xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx of xxxx payments continued xx sections 106(c), xxxx and xxx xx this xxxxx ” Subsec xxx Pub L xxxxxxxxxx §1302(3), xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx (e) xx (c) Pub x 105–178, §1212(a)(2)(A)(i), xxxxxxxxxxx “State xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx for xxxxxxxx highway department” xxxxxxxxxxxxx (d) Pub x 102–240 xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx 120,” xxx “120” and…
Strayer_PAD_525_public_law_Wk2_-_A1.docx (37.17 KB)
Preview: of xxxx lowered xxxxxxxxxx and greatly xxxxxxxxx tax rates xx 1916, x xxxxxxxx needed xx 5 million xx taxable income xx face x xx percent xxxx By 1917 x taxpayer with xxxx $40,000 xxxxx x 16 xxxxxxx rate and xxx individual with xx 5 xxxxxxx xxxxx a xxx rate of xx percent Another xxxxxxx act xxx xxxxxx in xxxxx which hiked xxx rates once xxxxxx this xxxx xxxxxxx the xxxxxx rate to x percent and xxx top xxxx xx 77 xxxxxxx These changes xxxxxxxxx revenue from xxxx million xx xxxx to xx 6 billion xx 1918, which xxxxxxxxxxx about xx xxxxxxx of xxxxx Domestic Product xxxxx Even in xxxxx however, xxxx x percent xx the population xxxx income taxes xxx yet xxx xxxxxx tax xxxxxx one-third of xxx cost of xxx war xxx xxxxxxx boomed xxxxxx the 1920s xxx increasing revenues xxxx the xxxxxx xxx followed xxxx allowed Congress xx cut taxes xxxx times, xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx the xxxxxx tax rate xx 1 percent xxx the xxx xxxx down xx 25 percent xxx reducing the xxxxxxx tax xxxxxx xx a xxxxx of GDP xx 13 percent xx tax xxxxx xxx tax xxxxxxxxxxx declined, the xxxxxxx was strengthened xxxxxxx In xxxxxxx xx 1929 xxx stock market xxxxx marked the xxxxxxxxx of xxx xxxxx Depression xx the economy xxxxxxx government receipts xxxx fell xx xxxxx the xxxxxxx government collected xxxx $1 9 xxxxxxxx compared xx xx 6 xxxxxxx in 1920 xx the face xx rising xxxxxx xxxxxxxx which xxxxxxx $2 7 xxxxxxx in 1931, xxxxxxxx followed xxx xxxxxxxxxx economic xxxxxx at the xxxx and passed xxx Tax xxx xx 1932 xxxxx dramatically increased xxx rates once xxxxx This xxx xxxxxxxx by xxxxxxx tax increase xx 1936 that xxxxxxx improved xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx finances xxxxx further weakening xxx economy By xxxx the xxxxxx xxx rate xxx reached 4 xxxxxxx and the xxx rate xxx xx to xx percent In xxxxx Congress systematically xxxxxxxx the xxx xxxx so xxxx all subsequent xxx legislation until xxxx amended xxxx xxxxx code xxx combination of x shrunken economy xxx the xxxxxxxx xxx increases xxxxxx the Federal xxxxxxxxxxxx tax burden xx 6 x xxxxxxx of xxx by 1940 x The federal xxxxxxx authorizing xxx x S xxxxxxxxx of Transportation xx make payments xx states xxx xxx value xx materials stockpiled xxxx federal highway xxxxxxxxxxxx projects xx xxxxxxxxxx with xxx project specifications xxx In General xxxxxx Secretary, xxxx xxxx to xxxx as the xxxx progresses, may xxxx payments xx x State xxx costs of xxxxxxxxxxxx incurred by xxx State xx x project xxxx payments may xxxx be made xxx the xxxxx xx the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx that have xxxx stockpiled in xxx vicinity xx xxx construction xx conformity to xxxxx and specifications xxx the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx that xxx not in xxx vicinity of xxx construction xx xxx Secretary xxxxxxxxxx that because xx required fabrication xx an xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxx cannot be xxxxxxxxxx in such xxxxxxxx (b) xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx —No xxxxxxx shall be xxxx under this xxxxxxx except xxx x project xxxxxxx by a xxxxxxx agreement After xxxxxxxxxx of xxx xxxxxxx in xxxxxxxxxx with the xxxx.....
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