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What is the most relevant political issue for the Latino community in Texas?

Choose one answer.

a. gambling in Texas.

b. religious freedom issues.

c. public transportation.

d. immigration.

e. health care for the elderly.


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Campaign money donated directly to candidates or political parties and restricted in amount by federal law is called

Choose one answer.

a. soft money.

b. hard money.

c. individual money.

d. public funding.

e. Texas tea.


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When are precinct conventions in Texas usually held?

Choose one answer.

a. One week after the political primaries

b. On the Tuesday following the first Monday in November of even numbered years

c. At 7 p.m. on Tuesdays following the close of the polls at the local election precincts in a county

d. One week prior to the state convention in the summer of odd numbered years

e. At 7 p.m. on the first day of the first game of the major league world series in the fall


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To most voters in Texas and the nation, character and political style have become more important than

Choose one answer.

a. television news.

b. interest groups.

c. the Internet.

d. issues.

e. the horserace aspect of the campaign.


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The Republican Party was the dominant party in Texas in the early 1900s.




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In Texas, when does early voting (by personal appearance) begin and end?

Choose one answer.

a. begins 17 days before an election and ends 4 days before

b. begins 21 days before an election and ends 7 days before

c. begins 30 days before an election and ends 1 day before

d. begins 7 days before an election and ends election day.

e. Texas has outlawed by statute early voting


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The political party primary system in Texas is a cross between

Choose one answer.

a. an open and a closed primary.

b. a partisan and a non-partisan election.

c. an at-large and a single-member district election.

d. a general election and a primary election.

e. a run-off election and a special election.


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Candidates campaigning for statewide office in Texas rely heavily on

Choose one answer.

a. television.

b. direct mail.

c. personal appearances.

d. Internet blogs.

e. newspapers.


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College graduates are more likely to vote than those with only a high school diploma.




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The first African American Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court (and who only recently resigned from the office) was

Choose one answer.

a. Wallace Jefferson

b. Morris Overstreet

c. Michael Williams

d. Clarence Thomas

e. Thurgood Marshall


Marks: 1

The U.S. Supreme Court case of Buckley v. Valeo (1976) dealt with what?

Choose one answer.

a. the constitutional right of an individual to spend whatever he wants of his personal wealth on his/her own political campaign for office

b. the issue of campaign limits places on political action committees contributing to candidates for the presidency

c. the poll tax

d. the constitutionality of the Voting Rights Act of 1965

e. the legality of gerrymandering


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Which of the following is NOT a way a lobbyist effectively goes about his/her job?

Choose one answer.

a. Providing state or federal office holders with legal favors and legal gifts.

b. Providing campaign contributions to favorable candidates and incumbents.

c. Bribing officeholders to influence their votes

d. Providing officeholders with information about the interests of his or her client relative to pending legislation or policy decisions


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The national political party conventions for the Republican and Democratic Parties are held once every

Choose one answer.

a. year.

b. two years.

c. four years.

d. six years

e. eight years


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To become a delegate to your state party convention (for either the Democratic or Republican Party), you must first be elected by

Choose one answer.

a. your home town.

b. permanent party officers from the state party leadership.

c. your precinct then county (or district) convention.

d. voters in a run-off election

e. the electoral college.


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Interest groups usually engage in all of these activities EXCEPT one:

Choose one answer.

a. lobbying.

b. electioneering.

c. research and information dissemination.

d. fundraising.

e. federal and state agency administration.


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If a run-off election is held 30 days after the Democratic primary, in which of the following circumstances would you be allowed to vote in the Democratic run-off election (assuming you're a validly registered voter)?

Choose one answer.

a. If you voted in the Republican primary in early March

b. If you voted in the Democratic primary in early March

c. If you voted in either the Republican or Democratic primary in early March

d. If you voted a straight Democratic ticket in the general election two years before


Marks: 1

The "white primary" in Texas prevented African-American citizens from participating in the Democratic Party primary. What ended this practice?

Choose one answer.

a. The Voting Rights Act of 1965

b. The Civil Rights Act of 1964

c. The U.S. Supreme Court decision of Smith v. Allwright in 1944

d. The U.S. Supreme Court decision of Baker v. Carr in 1964

e. The Twenty-Fourth Amendment to the Constitution


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Fundraising for political campaigns will remain an important factor in electoral success as long as

Choose one answer.

a. the need for television advertising exists.

b. interest groups exist.

c. people use the Internet to get most of the news and information.

d. sports such as football and wresting remain popular.

e. there are greedy politicians and ruthless businesses make money selling gold coins for investment purposes.


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A primary in which only a party's registered voters are eligible to participate is

Choose one answer.

a. open.

b. general.

c. closed.

d. a caucus.

e. partisan.


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In Texas, each county is divided into geographical units for the purpose of organizing voting in a election (party primary or general election). Voters who live in each subdivision go to the polling place in that area. What is this basic local subdivision set up for election purposes called?

Choose one answer.

a. election precinct

b. caucus

c. special district

d. county

e. ISD


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How many Electoral College votes for president does Texas have as a result of the popular vote in the November 2012 general election?

Choose one answer.

a. 36--based on the number of US Representatives from Texas

b. 2--based on the number of US Senators from Texas

c. 38--based on the size of Texas's delegation to Congress

d. 150--based on the size of the Texas House of Representatives

e. 34--based on the number of Texas State Senators


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The principal purpose of a precinct convention is to

Choose one answer.

a. select delegates to the party's county or state senatorial convention.

b. increase voter turnout in local precinct elections.

c. select delegates to the state convention and reform platform measures.

d. elect state party chairpersons.

e. nominate candidates for the general election.


Marks: 1

An organization whose sole purpose is to raise money from its membership and then distribute campaign contributions to candidates for public office is known as

Choose one answer.

a. a special interest group.

b. a political action committee.

c. a grant-in-aid program

d. a federal district court.

e. a political party.


Marks: 1

An unpledged party official or elected official who serves as a delegate to a party's national convention is called a(n)

Choose one answer.

a. party boss.

b. elector.

c. general delegate.

d. primary designee.

e. superdelegate.


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Say that in the 2012 Texas Republican Party primary for the nomination to determine the Republican candidate for the 39th Congressional District, the incumbent, Rick Goodhair, earned only a plurality (the most votes, but not a majority) over three other contenders. Rick failed to get a majority (50 percent plus one) of the vote in the primary. What subsequently happened?

Choose one answer.

a. Rick won the primary automatically by law because he was the incumbent going into the primary

b. Both Rick and the second highest vote-getter appeared on the November ballot, Rick as the Republican nominee and the second-highest vote-getter as an independent candidate

c. A run-off election was held 30 days after the primary between Rick and the person who came in second in the Republican primary for the 39th congressional district seat

d. Rick won because Texas election law states that a candidate in a party primary who wins a plurality of the vote wins the election

e. A coin-toss was held to decide who would be the Republican candidate for the 39th Congressional District seat between Rick and the person who came in second in the primary; the coin-toss was held in the office of the Texas Secretary of State in Austin since the Secretary of State is in charge of elections in Texas


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Which of the following techniques is likely to be used in grassroots lobbying by an interest group?

Choose one answer.

a. Golfing with a member of Congress

b. Members of the interest group conducting a petition drive in a representatives home district

c. Having a lunch meeting with a member of Congress

d. Writing detailed policy briefs about an important issue to present to a member of Congress or her staff

e. Making a presentation to a congressional committee about how a proposed bill would affect her client


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When Bill White and Rick Perry ran for governor of Texas in 2010, which of the following items was probably the largest expenditure category in each of their campaign budgets?

Choose one answer.

a. television advertising

b. direct-mail advertising

c. hair care products

d. polling

e. travel and lodging


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An example of a labor interest group would be the

Choose one answer.





e. TMA.


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Regularly scheduled general elections in the United States (which include elections for member of the U.S. House of Representatives) occur on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November

Choose one answer.

a. of even-numbered years.

b. of odd-numbered years.

c. unless a presidential race is involved; then the regular election is in December every four years.

d. every four years.

e. every six years.


Marks: 1

Which of the following is the primary function of an interest group?

Choose one answer.

a. Influence public policy

b. Run candidates for political office

c. Publically endorse candidates for election

d. Donate money to candidates' campaigns for political office

e. Promote the best interests of society as a whole


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The first Republican governor elected in Texas after Reconstruction was

Choose one answer.

a. George W. Bush.

b. Bill Clements.

c. E.J. Davis.

d. John Tower.

e. Preston Smith.


Marks: 1

The first Republican governor of Texas was

Choose one answer.

a. Harley Spoon.

b. Pappy O'Daniel.

c. Edmund J. Davis.

d. Bill Clements.

e. George W. Bush.


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The number of registered lobbyists in Texas _______ between 2009 and 2011.

Choose one answer.

a. grew

b. diminished

c. remained the same

d. varied dramatically

e. dropped to zero


Marks: 1

An artificially-manufactured political movement designed to give the appearance of grassroots activism to deceptively gain public support for a point of view is called

Choose one answer.

a. astroturfing.

b. tort reform.

c. electioneering.

d. grassroots lobbying.

e. bribery.


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The next election for members of the Texas Legislature will be held

Choose one answer.

a. in November of 2014.

b. in November of 2015.

c. in November of 2016.

d. whenever the governor and Speaker of the Texas House deem it necessary.


Marks: 1

Which party gained control of the Texas House of Representatives following the 2002 general election?

Choose one answer.

a. Democratic Party

b. Republican Party

c. Reform Party

d. neither the Republican nor Democratic was an exact tie in the House between Republicans and Democrats following the 2010 general election


Marks: 1

The political party conventions held at each local polling place after the polls close every even-numbered year on the first primary day are called

Choose one answer.

a. precinct conventions.

b. county conventions.

c. state conventions.

d. state caucuses.

e. electoral conventions.


Marks: 1

A leading figure in the development of the Republican Party of Texas was the first Republican elected state-wide in Texas since Reconstruction. He was elected in a special election to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Senator Lyndon Johnson when he became Vice-President in 1961. This man served as U.S. Senator from Texas for some two decades. Who was this leader of the Republican Party in Texas?

Choose one answer.

a. Lloyd Bentsen

b. George Wallace

c. E.J. Davis

d. John Tower

e. George Bush


Marks: 1

According to lobbyists and political experts, a principal job of a lobbyist is to

Choose one answer.

a. elect members of their interest group to office.

b. influence members of Congress to vote for their interest groups' agenda no matter what the cost or method.

c. provide reliable information to political decision makers about the legislation or policies and programs of the interest group he or she represents.

d. purchase the votes of political office holders.

e. raise money for politicians and provide favors and gifts of value to members of the Texas Legislature and Texas Supreme Court.


Marks: 1

To win the presidency, a candidate must receive a ________ of the Electoral College votes.

Choose one answer.

a. plurality

b. majority

c. unanimous total

d. significant number


Marks: 1

The right to vote was not extended to women in Texas and the United States until

Choose one answer.

a. the adoption of the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution.

b. the adoption of the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution.

c. the adoption of the Fifteenth Amendment to the Constitution.

d. the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

e. an executive order was issued and signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas just weeks after the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963.


Marks: 1

Which of the following is a liberal in Texas NOT likely to support?

Choose one answer.

a. National health care

b. Social Security and Medicare benefits for the elderly

c. A woman's right to choose

d. Government coerced prayer in public schools

e. Food stamps and medical aid to poor children


Marks: 1

A statement of basic principles on various issues put forth by a political party, worked on at every party convention level but most significantly released at its state or national convention, which is adopted by its candidates in the election campaign, is known as the party

Choose one answer.

a. plank.

b. platform.

c. proposal.

d. political action committee.

e. policy contract.


Marks: 1

Since the 1930s African Americans in Texas have tended to identify with the

Choose one answer.

a. Democratic Party.

b. Republican Party.

c. Libertarian Party.

d. Tea Party.

e. American Independent Party.


Marks: 1

A fee required of voters, once used by southern states to discourage blacks from voting, and abolished by the 24th Amendment, is called a

Choose one answer.

a. white primary.

b. poll tax.

c. poll watcher.

d. severance tax.

e. party platform.


Marks: 1

Probably the most important function of a political party is

Choose one answer.

a. policy analysis.

b. promoting social capital.

c. public opinion polling.

d. educating the population about civics through the media.

e. winning elections.


Marks: 1

An election held in November every even number year to determine which partisan candidates will fill public offices is called the/a _________________ election.

Choose one answer.

a. primary

b. run-off

c. general

d. special

e. partisan


Marks: 1

Who pays for primaries?

Choose one answer.

a. private industry

b. the two parties exclusively pay for their parties' primaries

c. the two parties with some contributions from the state government

d. contribution from private citizens made in on-air fund drives

e. taxpayers through their federal income taxes


Marks: 1

During a gubernatorial election year, what happens if no candidate for governor of Texas receives a majority of the popular votes?

Choose one answer.

a. the election of the governor is conducted by the Texas House of Representatives

b. we retain the sitting governor until the next gubernatorial election cycle

c. the Texas Supreme Court selects the governor

d. under the rules established in Article II of the Texas Constitution, the election is determined by a coin toss between the two candidates who received the most votes

e. the candidate who received the most votes among the candidates for governor, even if it not a majority, wins


Marks: 1

The lieutenant governor under Governor George W. Bush and the current governor of Texas:

Choose one answer.

a. Alan Shivers.

b. Pappy Lee O'Daniel.

c. Bill Clements.

d. Rick Perry.

e. Anson Jones.

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