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1. Which of the following instruments is commonly used to test the condition of a spark plug wire?
A. A dwell tester
C. A wattmeter
B. A multimeter
D. An engine analyzer
2. If the air gap between the trigger wheel and the pickup coil in a magnetic pickup device is too large, the
A. engine will be difficult to start and the spark efficiency will be reduced.
B. ignition timing will be over advanced.
C. buildup time in the primary coil winding will be reduced.
D. trigger wheel will rub against and stick to the pickup coil.
3. Suppose you need to adjust the gap of a spark plug. To do this, you would
A. gently tap on the terminal nut of the spark plug with a hammer.
B. unscrew the center insulator with a spark plug socket wrench.
C. carefully bend the grounding electrode.
D. pull on the center electrode with a longnose pliers.
4. A technician is using an oscilloscope to analyze the performance of an ignition system. The waveforms are stacked one above the other on the display screen. This method of displaying oscilloscope waveforms is called the
A. imposed method.
C. superimposed method.

B. raster method.
D. parade method.
5. Which of the following statements about spark plugs is correct?
A. A hot spark plug easily transfers heat to the cylinder head, while a cold spark plug tends to retain its heat.
B. Cold spark plugs have longer insulator tips than hot spark plugs.
C. A cold spark plug is installed in an engine that has cool combustion temperatures.
D. If a hot spark plug is installed in a hot-running engine, the spark plug may overheat.
6. While inspecting a spark plug, a technician notices that the spark plug’s insulator is damaged. What’s the usual cause of this condition?
A. The air-and-fuel mixture is too rich.
C. The plug has been overheated.
B. The plug is oil-fouled.
D. The piston rings are worn or faulty.
7. The maximum dwell setting in a four-cylinder engine with a conventional ignition system is
A. 45 degrees. C. 90 degrees.
B. 60 degrees. D. 360 degrees.
8. Which of the following is a possible cause of an oil-fouled plug? A. The piston rings aren’t sealing the cylinder properly.
B. The air-and-fuel mixture in the cylinder is too rich.
C. The ignition system is weak.
D. The exhaust is blocked.
9. When you’re dissassembling a distributor in an electronic ignition system, you may need to use a gear puller to remove the
A. pickup coil.
C. centrifugal-advance weights.
B. trigger wheel.
D. rotor.
10. Which of the following statements about spark plug replacement is correct?
A. Spark plugs are seldom replaced during an engine tune-up.
B. Most manufacturers recommend cleaning spark plugs rather than replacing them.
C. Most spark plugs need to be replaced after every 3,000 miles of operation.
D. A spark plug should never be sanded, sandblasted, or filed and then replaced in an engine.
11. A technician is troubleshooting an electronic ignition system. He checks the plug wires and doesn’t find any problems. What should he do next?
A. Check the points to make sure they aren’t burnt.
B. Pull the distributor and replace the drive gear.
C. Visually check the ignition coil and test it with a multimeter.
D. Change the electronic ignition module.
12. Which tool would most likely be used to check the air gap in an electronic-ignition distributor?
A. A digital multimeter
C. A nonmagnetic feeler gage
B. A dial caliper
D. A match book
13. While servicing an ignition system, an auto technician believes that the Hall-effect switch is defective.For most Hall-effect switches, the next step to verify the defect should be to
A. check the switch with a voltmeter.
C. check the air gap.
B. replace the switch with a known good one.
D. check the computer codes.
14. Cylinder balance tests are run on engines using an engine analyzer. The engine analyzer checks the running condition of the engine by
A. measuring the resistance in the spark plug wires.
B. changing the timing at random while the engine is running.
C. measuring the cylinder exhaust gas temperature.
D. shorting an engine cylinder by cylinder and noting rpm differences.
15. Most problems occurring in computer-controlled ignition systems are related to
A. sensor malfunctions.
C. bad exhaust systems.
B. the program in the computer.
D. an air-fuel mixture that’s too rich.
16. A hand-held engine analyzer is a portable combination of what two diagnostic instruments?
A. A digital multimeter and analog ohmmeter C. An oscilloscope and dwell meter
B. A dwell meter and multimeter D. An oscilloscope and multimeter
17. While analyzing an engine ignition with an oscilloscope, a technician was able to find a very small difference in one cylinder by comparing all cylinders at once. The technician was most likely using the _______ waveform comparison method.
A. raster C. superimposed
B. parade D. line
18. A 24-inch spark plug wire typically shows a resistance of
A. 2000 ohms. C. 8000 ohms.
B. 4000 volts. D. 10,000 ohms.
19. A car equipped with electronic ignition has a misfire problem. To troubleshoot the problem, you might
A. remove the ignition cap and check for carbon tracking.
B. check for a broken timing belt.
C. make sure the points are properly adjusted.
D. check the condenser output.
20. Which of the following components in an electronic ignition system can be tested with an ohmmeter?
A. Modules C. Resistors
B. Spark plugs D. Vacuum-advance units

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