embry PHYS102 module 1 discuussion latest 2016 march

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Previously successful students in this class have indicated the secrets to doing well in this class are:

1) Read the Discussion area every day to keep aware of issues pertinent to the assignments and ensure you don’t duplicate what other students have missed and asked about.

2) Print out and use the Keys to Success for each chapter as a navigation guide through the course. Students indicate their grade was significantly improved by doing this since the Keys contain a Summary of the needed equations and many solved problems in the Things You Need to Know area. The Keys also contain important information regarding the homework problems and experiments.

3) Complete the Tutorial Quizzes for each chapter first even though they don’t count directly towards your grade. Students indicate the Tutorial Quizzes improved their understanding of the material and they were very happy to see some of the questions appear on the Summative exams. The tutorial quizzes do count as part of your Participation grade.

4) Start the first week developing a notebook that contains the Keys to Success and all completed homework, quizzes, and experiments in preparation for the Summative Exams. Map your text so you can quickly find important information.

Not finishing required course work in the first and second week of an online course usually results in a poor performance for the rest of the course.

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  1. embry PHYS102 module 1 discuussion latest 2016 march

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