Whenever anyone does something intentionally,

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Analyse the following text. Find the arguments. Identify the premises and conclusions. Are the arguments valid? Are the arguments sound? Are there ambiguities or hidden premises in the arguments?

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"Whenever anyone does something intentionally, they are acting on their own desires. How can it be different? If they hadn’t wanted to do what they did, they wouldn’t have done it, or else their action would not have been intentional. (For example, I may fall down the stairs although I don’t want to do so—but then this won’t be something I do intentionally!) It follows from that that we cannot complain about selfishness. Everyone has to be selfish. But you can’t blame them. They have no alternative. Consequently, when people laud someone for altruism, they must be mistaken. If you do something for someone else, you really only do it because you want to do it. So you are being selfish after all."

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  1. Whenever anyone does something intentionally,

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