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Week 3: Legal and Ethical Issues

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The dean points out to the Curriculum Committee that developing curriculum is rife with legal and ethical issues, particularly when examined from the point of view of the school’s stakeholders. Who are these stakeholders, and what do you think would be important legal and ethical issues?


Week 3: Assessing Program Outcomes

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As a committee, your dean has challenged you to demonstrate the extent to which your students are meeting the following Program Outcomes.

  • Provide holistic care based on knowledge from the arts and sciences.
  • Collaborate with other healthcare members to provide evidence-based nursing care.
  • Communicate effectively in all modalities.
  • Use critical thinking in clinical situations.
  • Consider legal and ethical aspects of nursing care.

Select one outcome, and recommend at least two ways faculty could assess whether students have met those outcomes. Discuss an advantage and a disadvantage of each of these assessment methods.

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  1. nr523 week 3 both discussion 2019 latest jan

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