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devry math092 all week discussions

Question # 00011668
Subject: Mathematics
Due on: 05/21/2014
Posted On: 04/06/2014 10:57 PM

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Week 1 discussion

MyMathLab (graded)

You will be making extensive use of MyMathLab (MML) to complete the assignments listed in order on the Course Schedule. The help resources available inside the Homework questions and the Study Plan exercises ought to be used in the following order: first Textbook, then Video or Animation (if available), then View an Example, and then Help Me Solve This.

a. How and when do you plan to make use of the MML Study Plan?

b. Please choose at least one of the other many help features and resources available in MML (e.g., Help Me Solve This, View an Example, Sample Tests) and explain how you plan to utilize that to help you to succeed.

c. If you have any math questions as you start using MML, you can also ask them in this forum, and help your classmates out by answering their questions. If you do choose to ask a math question, a high quality question is one where you show what you tried, explain what you were thinking, and say what the correct answer was that you were unable to get.You can ask questions about any section that you are working on.

The discussion is worth a total of 19 points this week. Posts are graded as follows:
+5 points for each high quality post (you should have 3 or 4 posts per week), or +3 or +4 points for low or medium quality posts.
A high quality post adds something new to the discussion. You will get credit for posts on MML, for questions of any kind, and for posts helping other students with math. A post that just says, "me too" or "I agree" without adding something new or saying what was helpful counts as 0 points.
Please reply to other students whenever possible. For example, if you want to talk about the MML "view an example," and someone else has already talked about it, reply to their post, instead of starting a whole new thread.
+4 Points for posting by Wednesday at midnight.

Week 2

Simplification and Solving (graded)

We know that when simplifying, we must follow the algebraic order of operations. The order of operations is as follows. First, perform any operations containing parentheses. If the parentheses are “nested”, work from the inside out. Second, perform any operations with exponents. Third, perform any operations involving multiplication and division working from left to right. Finally, work operations with addition and subtraction again from left to right.

On the other hand, when we solve an equation, we go in the opposite of the order of operations! Watch my powerpoint (attached here) on how and why!

For this discussion, please post at least three times on one or more of the following topics:

1. Set up and solve an equation, or simplify an expression. For each step, say why you are doing that step.
2. Responding to my thread on solving inequalities. If you are asking a question about or solving an inequality, please post it in this thread, do not start a new thread.
3. Respond to at least one other student's comment or question, or verify that they have solved the equation or inequality correctly.

Remember that your first post should be before Wednesday at midnight.

Week 3 discussion

Algebra Concepts (graded)

Communication is considered an important component of mathematics education in order for deep learning to occur. Choose a specific algebra concept that you think you understand well, and explain it in your own words. Then, present a math problem for your classmates to solve making use of this concept.

Week 4

Math Help (graded)

Topic 1: math help. Free, live, online tutoring and more is available from Smarthinking by clicking on “Tutor Source” under Course Home. Post your ideas for making good use of Smarthinking to help you succeed in the course. Remember that you also have the new Professor Live,available Wednesday and Thursday (Noon to 10 p.m. Central Time) and Saturday and Sunday (Noon to 11:59 p.m. Central Time), via the Adobe Connect,"> Please let us know if you've tried either one, and tell us your experiences with it.

Topic 2 slope. This week, we'll do two only two assignment sections, but they are pretty tough ones! I've attached one powerpoint here, on slope, that should help. Please take a look and comment or ask questions on slope as needed.

Topic 3: equations of lines and fractions. I will post a powerpoint about equations of lines and fractions, for when you get to the second section for the week. Please view the powerpoint and respond to my post with questions or comments.

Week 5

Problem Solving (Graded)

This week, you are studying for the second test, taking the test, then going on to the next two sections. I am again attaching a powerpoint I hope will help (below this box).

Please discuss:

1. Test taking strategies: how do you make use of the study plan in MML, tutoring, and other study strategies?

2. Solve an application (“word”) problem from the text, Homework, or Study Plan showing all of your work. For each step, provide your reasoning. How did you start? What prompted you to try a particular strategy? Did you try any other strategies that did not work? How did you check your answer?

Important reminders about the test and pretest:

  • Take the first attempt early in the week. This allows you to use the study plan to review during the week. The study plan will give you problems like the ones you got wrong, and can be accessed under course home ("mystudyplan") above the week 1 tab, on the left side of the page (not in MML, in ecollege, where we do our discussions).

  • Review your first attempt before trying a new attempt. To review what you got wrong, and to see the correct answers, click on "my gradebook," on the left side of the page, above the week 1 tab (not in MML, in ecollege, where we do our discussions).

  • The review is set up to only allow you three attempts. If you don't pass it with an 80%, I will give you another attempt if you work the study plan problems. Please work the study plan and review what you got wrong before emailing me.

Week 6

Math Mistakes (Graded)

Choose a common mistake, or a mistake you have made, doing an algebra problem. Show the incorrect method, explain why it does not work, and then show how to do it correctly.

Weel 7

Course Objectives (Graded)

Choose a Terminal Course Objective (TCO) from the Syllabus that you’ve learned in the course and solve a homework or Study Plan problem that relates to that TCO. Be sure to include the TCO in your post.

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devry math092 all week discussions

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Tutorial Preview …step, xxxxxxx your xxxxxxxxx How did xxx start? What xxxxxxxx you xx xxx a xxxxxxxxxx strategy? Did xxx try any xxxxx strategies xxxx xxx not xxxxx How did xxx check your xxxxxxx Important xxxxxxxxx xxxxx the xxxx and pretest: xxxx the first xxxxxxx early xx xxx week xxxx allows you xx use the xxxxx plan xx xxxxxx during xxx week The xxxxx plan will xxxx you xxxxxxxx xxxx the xxxx you got xxxxxx and can xx accessed xxxxx xxxxxx home xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx above the xxxx 1 tab, xx the xxxx xxxx of xxx page (not xx MML, in xxxxxxxxx where xx xx our xxxxxxxxxxxx Review your xxxxx attempt before xxxxxx a xxx xxxxxxx To xxxxxx what you xxx wrong, and xx see xxx xxxxxxx answers, xxxxx on "my xxxxxxxxxxx on the xxxx side xx xxx page, xxxxx the week x tab (not xx MML, xx xxxxxxxxx where xx do our xxxxxxxxxxxx The review xx set xx xx only xxxxx you three xxxxxxxx If you xxxxx pass xx xxxx an xxxx I will xxxx you another xxxxxxx if xxx xxxx the xxxxx plan problems xxxxxx work the xxxxx plan xxx xxxxxx what xxx got wrong xxxxxx emailing me xx help xx xxxx taking xxxxx I do xxxx the problems xx the xxxxx xxxx to xxxxxxx the quiz xxx study plan xxxxx you xxxxx xxxxxxxx and xxxx builds you xx to the xxxx complex xxxx xxxxx the xxxxx plan problems xxx similar to xxx quiz xxxxx xxxxx you xx understand, step xx step, what xxx are xxxxx xx my xxxxxxxx math class, xxx study plan xxx a xxxxxxxxx xxxx it xxxx to test xxxxxx time, I xxxxx refer xx xx study xxxx and the xxxxxxxx were similar x also xxxxx xxxxx problem xxxx from the xxxxx plan in xx notebook x xxxxx it xx make it xxxx for me xx reference x xxxx write xxxxx problem down xx the text xxxx whether xxxx xx example xx the ones xxx do on xxxx own xxx xxxxx your xxxx at the xxxxxx of the xxxx I xxxxxx xxxxx down xxxxx problem i xxxx on and xxxxx it xxxx xx step x have noticed xxx much the xxxxxxxxxxx have xxxxxx xx in xxxx past week xxx will continue xx utilize xx xxx help xx solve helps xx so much xx cuz xx xxxxx you xxxx by step xxxxxxx the problem xxx biggest xxxxx x do xx take a xxx of notes xx i xxxxxx xx get xxxxxxx on a xxxxxxxx i have xx notes xx xxxx back xx and refresh xx memory This xx definately xxx xxxxxxx part xx the term xxx me It xxx pretty xxxx xxxxx now xxx thankful to xxxx all the xxxxxxx resources xxxxx xxxxx to xxx I got xxxx problem off xxx review xxx xxxx week xxxx is 55% xxx 440 garments? xxx first xxxx xxxxx be xx write down xxx percent equation xxxxx is xxxxx xxxxxxx times xxxxx Now that x have put xxxx down, xxx xxxx step xxxxx be to xxxxxx out what xxxxxxxxxxx we xxxx xxx what xx need to xxxxx for Whole xx always xxxxx xx the xxxxxx after the xxxx of! So xx know xxxx xxx whole xx 440 garments xxx the percentage xx 55 xxx xxxx step xx to convert xxx percentage to xxxxxxx form xxxx xxx have x percentage, ALWAYS xxxx the decimal xxxxx over x xxxxxx to xxx left to xxxxxxx it to x decimal! xx xxxxxxx would xxxx be converted xx 55, since…
devry_math092_all_week_discussions.docx (24.58 KB)
Preview: me xx refer xxxx to them xx I come xxxxxx a xxxxxxx xxxx I xxxxx remember how xx solve   x saved xxx xx these xxxxx and tablets xxxx in case x needed xx xxx this xxxxx I plan xx use a xxx of xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx in this xxxxx as well xx :)The xxx xxxxx plan xxxxx a bit xxxxxxxxx right now, xxx I xxxx x will xxxx be able xx get the xxxx of xx x hope xx be able xx utilize this xxx tests, xx xxxx as xxxxxxxx when the xxxxxxxx get a xxx hard xx xxxxxx I xxxx used MML xx the past xxx I xxx xxxx everyone xxxx the View xxx Example feature xx an xxxxxxx xxxxx to xxxx when you xxx stuck It's xxxx having xxxxx xxxxxxx written xxx for you xx look at xxxx Me xxxxx xxxx is xxxx a very xxxxxx thing if xxx absolutely xxxxxx xxxxxx out xxx to work xxx problem (I xxxxxxx have xx xx these xxxx fractions, as x am not xxxx good xxxx xxxxx It xxxxx you work xxx problem you xxx on, xxx xx also xxxx the grade xx as an x so xxx xx not xxxxxxx credit for xxx so try xx keep xxxx xxxxx this xxxxxxx as much xx possible I xxxx not xxxx xxx sample xxxxx yet, but xxxx now (hindsight xx 20/20) xxxx xx I xxxxx have utilized xxxx feature I xxxxx have xxxx x LOT xxxxxx in my xxxxxxxx class  Week xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx know xxxx when simplifying, xx must follow xxx algebraic xxxxx xx operations xxx order of xxxxxxxxxx is as xxxxxxx First, xxxxxxx xxx operations xxxxxxxxxx parentheses If xxx parentheses are xxxxxxxxxxxxx work xxxx xxx inside xxx Second, perform xxx operations with xxxxxxxxx Third, xxxxxxx xxx operations xxxxxxxxx multiplication and xxxxxxxx working from xxxx to xxxxx xxxxxxxx work xxxxxxxxxx with addition xxx subtraction again xxxx left xx xxxxx  On xxx other hand, xxxx we solve an equation, xx go xx xxx opposite xx the order xx operations! Watch xx powerpoint xxxxxxxxx xxxxx on xxx and why!For xxxx discussion, please xxxxxxxx least xxxxx xxxxx on xxx or more xx the following xxxxxxxx Set xx xxx solve xx equation, or xxxxxxxx an expression xxx each xxxxx xxx why xxx are doing xxxx step 2 xxxxxxxxxx to xx xxxxxx on xxxxxxx inequalities  If xxx are asking x question xxxxx xx solving xx inequality, please xxxx it in xxxx thread, xx xxx start x new thread x Respond to xx least xxx xxxxx student's xxxxxxx or question, xx verify that xxxx have xxxxxx xxx equation xx inequality correctly xxxxxxxx that your xxxxx post xxxxxx xx before xxxxxxxxx at midnight xxxxxxxxx equations is xxx of xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 5 xxxxxx 12 + xxxxxxx combine like xxxxx in xxxx xxxxxxxxxx of xxxx equation (3z +2z) x 5 = xx + xxxxxx x combine xxxxxxxx 2z on xxx left side xx the xxxxxxxxx xxxx subtract xxxxxxxx both 5z + 5 xxx 4z = 12 x 4z – xxxxxx x = xxxxxx i would xxxxxxxx 5 on xxxx sidesz-5+5=12-5z=7A xxxxxxx xxxx to xxxxxxxx this ---"The xxxxx of operations xx as xxxxxxx xxxxxx perform xxx operations containing xxxxxxxxxxx If the xxxxxxxxxxx are xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx from xxx inside out xxxxxxx perform any xxxxxxxxxx with xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx p.....
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