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Read attached You Tube word document and answer 10 questions (10 pages):

[Q1] Describe Pestel analysis (environmental influences on buying behaviors) for firms in
either the travel industry, electronic, or adhesive based on case study for that industry.
This is the macro environment not the micro or company factors (1page)
[Q2] Create a stakeholder analysis ­ looking at the impact of each (power and influence)
and the impact of globalization on each stakeholder. (1 page)
[Q3] Competitive Positioning Maps are an important way to access the firm's
competitive position as compared to the strength of competing firms. You may also use
an analysis similar to the one found in exhibit 8.6 or 8.7 of Mullins and Walker. If there is
insufficient information in the case you may use the internet to gather additional
information. (1 page)
[Q4] Perform a TOWS Matrix( strategy from strength, weakness, opportunity, and threats)
analysis for firm and from the tows create a VRIO table (1 page)

[Q5] In looking at the whole environment assess the key factors using a Porter's Five
force analysis (see Lehmann and Winer).
Then apply the Pestel factors from question 1in order to identify the support for the
industry (Porter's diamond model) by the nation and the relevant market boundaries (or
what factor causes a customer to prefer one competitor over the
In other words: based on the Pestel analysis ­ create the Porter's diamond model
analysis for the industry. When analyzing the demand conditions include the relevant
market boundaries based on your Pestel analysis. (1 page)

[Q6] Read the annual report for the firm­ create an SBU analysis based on their SBUs
from their annual report: http://phx.corporate­­
reportsother2. Where would you increase invests, maintain current investments, divest of
current investments (or get rid of lines). Then based on the chapter 9 in book what is the
business level strategy for each SBU? (1 page)
[Q7] If you were to segment the market (I want you to define your segments) how would
you describe the typical decision making process for selecting a supplier for each of
your segments? You may use the Positioning graph. Remember keep it simple to be

useful and do not segment by product but customer characteristics. (1 page)
[Q8] Complete the following table based on your segments in 7. You may add
additional rows based on your segmentation of the market in 7. You may find mini­
lectures helpful when identifying marketing mix strategies (see product life cycle
documents). (1 page)


Marketing Product mix Pricing
Strategy to strategy
reach market



[Q9] Based on the segments described in question 7, which market would you target

and what would be your marketing strategy for that target market.
(1 page)
[Q10] In thinking about the types of world market or global strategies that carnival
corporation uses, what "GLOBAL OR WORLD MARKET' strategy (refer to corporate
strategy mini­lecture) do you recommend and why? (1 page)
Mullins, John W. and Walker, Orville C. Marketing Management a Strategic Decision­Making
Approach, eighth Edition McGraw­Hill Irwin 2013 ISBN 978­0­07­802879­3
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  1. Read attached You Tube word document and answer

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