every member of a population is surveyed.

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In a representative sample,

Select one:
a. every member of a population is surveyed.
b. every member of the population has an equal probability of being selected to be surveyed.
c. the sample is selected in such a way as to be sure that there is a representative from each of the key groups in the population in the sample.
d. representatives from the major groups in the population help select the sample.
Research on public opinion polls shows that subtle differences in the way questions are worded

Select one:
a. make the public suspicious of the motives of pollsters.
b. do not influence survey results.
c. can have a small influence on survey results.
d. can have a large influence on survey results.
Noting that answering a survey is a social situation reminds us that

Select one:
a. respondents are likely to be distracted and not think carefully about their answers.
b. respondents might answer on the basis of how they think the researcher wants them to respond.
c. it is important to make the research atmosphere pleasant.
d. having too much diversity can make people feel shy or intimidated.
Research indicates that when the media report on crime,

Select one:
a. people become desensitized to crime.
b. people have more fear of crime.
c. crime rates fall.
d. there is less coverage of other issues.
Focus groups often reveal that people

Select one:
a. lie to researchers conducting surveys.
b. often feel conflicted or ambivalent about issues.
c. are reluctant to talk about societal problems in social situations.
d. are not aware of many social problems.
Focus groups reveal that people draw on ____________ when discussing social problems.

Select one:
a. personal experience, common sense, and media reports
b. common sense, expert advice, and media reports
c. expert advice, personal experience, and common sense
d. media reports, educational background, and expert advice
Research on diversity and social problems indicates that people from diverse backgrounds typically

Select one:
a. are reluctant to participate in focus groups.
b. see problems in much the same way.
c. construct problems in very different ways.
d. are less likely to be ask to participate in focus groups.
Why is studying folklore useful to those interested in social problems?

Select one:
a. It lets us learn about what people’s worst fears are.
b. It lets us see how people construct issues when they aren’t self conscious about being observed.
c. It lets us learn from the wisdom of our elders.
d. It lets us learn from the past.
Compassion fatigue refers to

Select one:
a. people’s desire to hear more positive stories in the media.
b. being overwhelmed by the number of claims requiring attention.
c. when people fail to get involved because they lack compassion.
d. a general lack of concern among certain segments of the population.
Public opinion polls after the 9/11 terrorist attacks revealed a ____________ public reaction to new claims about terrorism.

Select one:
a. large and lasting
b. modest and short-lived
c. large but short-lived
d. modest but long-lived
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