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saint crj530 Module 7 Final Article for Publication latest 2017 november

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Subject: Law
Due on: 11/21/2017
Posted On: 11/21/2017 12:15 PM

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Module 7 Final Article for Publication

Each student will identify an ethical issue in the criminal justice field and write an article about

it. The topic is to be completely researched and the article length is dictated by the topic and

publishers guidelines, but the article must be no less than 1700 words. Normally 2000 words are

required for an article.

NOTE: The article is not to be a short story on your opinion of a particular topic. Your writing

is to be a scholarly article that is based on extensive research. Any articles that are not written in

the required manner will not be accepted. Do not write your article with less than 1700 words

for their publication as it is not something that would be suitable for a newspaper column

commonly known as the Letters to the Editor.

This assignment requires a critique by each of you. See below information on critiquing of


NOTE: In Module 5, by no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT, you will post your draft to

the Article for Publication Discussion Board located under Module 6 in the course menu. You

will also submit your draft to the Assignment box. (This Assignment box maybe linked to

Turnitin.) You can then review your originality report for potential plagiarism issues so you may

address any that are identified in the report. This submission will not be reviewed by the professor for content. It is only for your review. Your critiquing partner will review your draft article and post comments on the Module 6 Critique of Article for Publication Discussion Board.

You will then have another week to complete, and then, by no later than Sunday 11:59 PM

EST/EDT of Module 7, the final article is to be submitted to the Assignment box (This

Assignment box maybe linked to Turnitin.) Your article will then be reviewed and graded by the instructor. Those individuals who submit an article that actually meets the requirements of a quality research paper for publication will be encouraged to have it published by a magazine or journal that deals with the topic.

The following criteria will be used to grade this assignment and are outlined on the Articles for Publication Scoring Rubric on the next page: logical, informative, topic of interest, biography about the author, punctuation, grammar, spelling, APA Style, length, and suitability for publication.

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saint crj530 Module 7 Final Article for Publication latest 2017 november

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Tutorial Preview …Final xxxxxxx for xxxxxxxxxxx…
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Preview: installation xx synonymous xxxx law enforcement xxxxxxxxx infrastructure, or xxxxxxxxxxx The xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx is xxx effect of xxxxxxxxxxx of the xxxxxxxxxxxx matrix xx xxxx finding xxxxxxx of the xxxxx know terrorism xxxxxxx The xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx produces xx annex of xxxxxxx that are xxxxxxxxxx identified xxx xxxxxxxxx Armstrong xxxxxx The process xx total is xxxx term xxx xxxxxxxx a xxxxxxxx of research, xxxxxxxxxxxx and financial xxxxxxx to xxxxxxx xxx intelligence xxxxxxxxx in the xxxxxxxxxxxx matrix As xxxx any xxxxxxx xxx data xxxxxxxx within the xxxxxx is only xx good xx xxx information xxxxxxxxx within the xxxxxxxxxxxx matrix Preparation xxxxxxx of xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx matrix xxxxxxxx an annual xxxxxx assessment with xxxxxxxx analysis xx xxxxx known xxxxxxxx combined with xxxxxxxxxxxxxx of national xxxxxxx These xxxxxxx xxx have xxxxxxxxxxxx capability, meaning xxxxx pollination of xxxxxxx groups xxxx xxxxxx local xxxxxxx Law enforcement xxxxxxxxxxxxx must determine xxxxxxx effective xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx processes xxx local threats, xxxxxxxxxxxx of local xxxxxxxx applicability xx xxxxxx of xxxxx threats, weapons xx each threat, xxx risk xxxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxx threats Understanding xxx threat analysis xx addition xx xxx threat xxxxxx is required xx eventually rank xxxx known xxxxxx xxx the xxxxxxxxxx of an xxxxxx from the xxxxxxxxxx threats xxxxxx xxx local xxxxxxxxx This process xx commonly known xx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx planning xxxxxxxxx as countermeasures, xxxxxxxxx to mitigate xxxxx risks xxxx xxxxxxxxx each xxxxxx Threat Assessment xxxxxxxxxxxxx to Law xxxxxxxxxxx AgenciesSpecific xxxxxxxxx xxxxx or xxxxxx that may xxxxxxx in the xxxx and xxxxxx xxx installation xxxxxxxxxx courses of xxxxxx or tactics xxxx the xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx groups xxxxx use in xxxxxxxxx the installation xxxx example, xxxxxxx xxxxxxx with xxxxxx vehicle bombs, xxxxxx fire attack xxxxx RPGs, xxx x  The xxxxxxxxx Threat Assessment xxxxxxx three major xxxxxxxxx of x xxxxxx assessment xxxxxxx are identification xx a potential xxxxxxx assessment xx xxx risks xxxxx by a xxxxx threat at x given xxxxx xxx management xx both the xxxxxxx and the xxxxx the xxxxxx xxxxxxxx to x given target xxx plan provides x threat xxxxxxxxxx xxxx template xx provide a xxxxxxxxx for.....
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