Crime and justice

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Crime and justice are subjects that are frequently presented on television. Prime-time television shows, soap operas, music videos, and cartoons often portray images of crime and criminal justice in a sensational manner or one of negativity. The pictures of police brutality and mistrust of law officials is prevalent because of the reality of cases that exist especially in an era where information can be dispersed quickly and immediately via technology.

For this assignment please list and discuss at least 6 television shows that you have seen that depict the police, courts, and correctional components of the criminal justice system (2 television shows for each component for a total of 6 shows). If you prefer, you can use movies, radio, print media, or any combination of them, but there must be 2 examples that you must use to depict each of the 3 components of the criminal justice system for a total of 6 illustrations.

You must provide academic or real-life criminal justice samples to support and enhance your answers for each question. You must also cite sources in APA style, including a resource page.

  • How do these shows or events present each component?
  • Are the images positive or negative concerning criminal justice professionals? Why?
  • What stages of the criminal justice process are depicted in these programs? Why do you think the focus is on these stages?
  • Do you think these images are fair representations of criminal justice? Why or why not?

Be sure to reference all sources using APA style. In TEXT CITATIONS W/REFERENCE PAGE 4 PAGES

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