Trident HRm412 module 3 discussion

Trident HRm412 module 3 discussion

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Dot Image  The previous model we discussed bad hiring decisions. Turnover is costly as to time and resources. Corrective action can be a viable option in order to turn a situation around. Often organizations will seek punitive action vs. corrective action.

For this thread please complete the following:

  1. Please review the Whitlock article in the course materials. Locate a credible scholarly or professional article that will refute or substantiate the concepts in the Whitlock article. Please provide a critique comparing these articles. Please cite your sources accordingly. AND
  2. Please provide an example of either punitive discipline or that of positive corrective action to be used for further discussion.
  • It is important to cite your sources that you use, reference, quote, or paraphrase. Please include a Reference or Work Cited section containing the full properly formatted citation.

This discussion board is designed for you to respond to the above question/topic by Thursday of the 1st week of the module. To receive a passing grade each post should be a minimum of 200 words in length, demonstrating thought and integration of key concepts. Your response should be supported with relevant background sources, which must be properly cited & referenced. During the second week you should respond to at least one other student with a post of similar length and quality as your initial post

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