Walden NURS6003 2019 JULY Week 1 Quiz Part 2 Latest

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Week 1 Quiz Part 2

Question 1Students can always edit their posting in Discussion.

Question 2In which area will you retrieve written assignments with comments from your instructor?

Question 3Where in your online course will you find the contact information for your Instructor?

Question 4Who should you contact with questions about online classroom technical concerns?

Question 5When sending an e-mail to your Instructor or any Walden staff, your e-mail should:

Question 6If you are having trouble accessing your online classroom, what should you do first?

Question 7When will you lose access to your completed courses (excluding this Student Readiness Orientation)?

Question 8In an online course, students can participate in the online classroom and submit assignments whenever it is convenient for them to do so.

Question 9The online classroom area where you can post an assignment and have your classmates and instructor respond to your ideas is called:

Question 10 If you have a question about which courses you should register for next term, who should you contact?

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