Walden NURS3020 2019 JULY Week 1 Assignment Latest

Walden NURS3020 2019 JULY Week 1 Assignment Latest

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NURS3020 Health Assessment

WEEK 1 Assignment

Journal: Observe, Process, Reflect

Pen and glassesThe objective of the Journal Assignment is to provide you with a private place to “think on the page,” a phrase used to describe writing as a form of thinking. Some of us process our thoughts out loud as we describe them to others. In an academic environment, you will be asked to record your ideas in writing, or “think on the page,” to show the new knowledge that you’ve acquired through reading and listening to the resources and completing the assignments. The journal is not a formal type of writing, and only you and your Instructor will see the journal entry. These entries are meant to be free writing but should be revised before submitting.

As you write, think about the audience to whom you are writing, and the difference between personal writing and scholarly writing. Your journal writing falls into the category of personal writing, and should be approached in that way. Think of the journal as an academic reflection space.

To Prepare

Review the Week 1 Assignment 1 Rubric provided in the Course Information area or accessible through the link below.

Review the Syllabus provided in the course. Review material concerning health histories and physical examinations.

Include the following in your Journal entry:

Think, reflect and record the feelings you have had as you have prepared to take this course—which may initially seem like a refresher course for most of you.

Examine and record your strengths and weaknesses concerning collecting health histories and performing physical examinations.

Describe in your journal what you expect to learn in this assessment course.

By Day 5

Submit a 150-word Journal entry addressing the three elements of focus above and in the grading rubric. You may include any other comments or thoughts unrelated to the listed areas. There are no right or wrong answers and credit for the Assignment is earned by timely completion and providing coherent thoughts about the areas of focus.

Please note that this Assignment is due Day 5 of Week 1. Failure in submitting by Day 5 could result in automatically being dropped from the course due to lack of participation.

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