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DOC650 Technology and Business Process Improvement

Module 4 SLP


This SLP assignment focuses on demonstrating practical application of the concepts discussed in a case. The student will demonstrate understanding of what an organization and business process are, to include describing the relationship between organizational structure and business processes. The discussion is one from a practical perspective using a specific organization as the focus of the discussion.

Paste these instructions on the cover page of your case paper, using a small font.

After reviewing the required reading for this module (and if you have time the optional reading), and using the work accomplished in the case, select a specific organization and write a 3-page paper addressing the following areas:

Pick one of the following:

The Finance Process.

The Procurement Process.

The Fulfillment Process -

The Inventory and Warehouse Management Process (IWM)

The Manufacturing Process

What did the organization call it? Was it the same name as one of the above or was it similar but called something else?

How did the organization execute it? Describe the work centers, tools, and the workflow. Were there written instructions and guidelines? Were there federal or other regulations that limited or constrained the work?

Which organizational elements were involved? Insert an organizational chart and highlight the sections management and operational section involved.

Was there an Enterprise Resource Planning system used to synchronize the process?

Note that if your selected organization did not execute the above or you don’t know how they did it, pick another process you are familiar with and answer the above.


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