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Value chain analysis

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Value Chain Analysis-10 pages on Delta Airline. APA

10-12 pages APA Style: The intent is to review the present, or relatively recent value chain of Delta Air Lines. Use the Walters and Rainbird (2007) text and at least five additional relevant respected resources to support the value chain analysis.

Value Chain Analysis

The main purpose of this assignment is to identify and analyze elements of the value chain and understand how they must interact to create value for the organization. The intent is to review the present, or relatively recent value chain of DELTA AIR LINES. Use the Walters and Rainbird (2007) text and at least five additional relevant respected resources to support the value chain analysis. Use the APA formatted MS Word document template as the starting point for writing a 10-12 page paper (not including Title or References pages).

Customer-focused companies benefit from analyzing their value chain as the process allows them to understand customer expectations, purchasing responses, product-service use, and accept that they are unlikely themselves to posses all of the resources to service customer needs.

When conducting a value chain analysis, customers and their characteristics are studied, and their needs and wants, identified. These expectations form the basis for the demand chain. A supply chain design must be cost effective and respond to the expectations of the demand chain and the value proposition. Together, the demand chain and supply chain process and management comprise the value chain.

The following outline is based upon Figure 1.1 on page 19 of the Walters and Rainbird (2007) text. This outline is also included in the APA formatted Microsoft Word template in Doc Sharing.

I.Value Chain Analysis

A. Demand Chain Analysis

1. Identification of customer, market, wants and needs

2. Market Opportunity Analysis

3. Identification and Analysis of Value Drivers

B. Value Proposition

1. Value Proposition as related to Demand Chain

2. Value Proposition as related to Supply Chain

C. Supply Chain Analysis

1. Value Production and Coordination

2. Value Delivery

3. Value Servicing

D. Enterprise Value

1. Industry Drivers

2. Competitive Advantage

3. Customer Delight

E. Conclusion

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value chain analysis

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Preview: one xxxxx to xxxxxxx The airlines xxxxx 341 destinations xxx all xxxxx xx passengers xxx travel including xxxx for leisure xxx business xxx xxxxxxxxx customers xxx those who xxxx to transport xxxxx by xxx xxxxxx the xxxxx Delta has x huge global xxxxxxx that xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx with xxx major domestic xxx international markets xxxxx has xxxx xxxxxxx into xxxx partnerships with xxxxxxxx international airline xxxxxxxxx to xxxxxx xxx destinations xx 578 in xxx different countries xxxxx has xx xxxxx more xxxx 700 aircraft xx different sizes xxx can xxxxxx xxx of xxx aircraft to xxx global network xxxxxxx 2011) xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx Analysis xxx company can xxxxxx its probability xx success xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx in xxx market through xxxxxx opportunity analysis xxx analyzing xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxx will form xx opportunity matrix xx the xxxxxxx xxxx the xxxxxxxxxxx of success xxx attractiveness are xxxxxx from xxxx xx low xxxx ranks should xx given the xxxxxxxx (Drypen, xxxxx xx airline xxxxxxxxx Delta has xxxx given many xxxxxxxxxxxxx First xxxxxxxxxxx xx that, xxxxx can acquire xxxxx airline companies xx that xx xxx take xxxx the control xx other businesses xxx can xxx xxxx in xxx global network xxxxxx opportunity granted xx Delta xx xxx expansion xx products and xxxxxxxx both domestically xxx internationally xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx is, xxxxx is allowed xx focus on xxxxxxxx markets xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx for xxx future changes xx the airline xxxxxxxx Identification xxx xxxxxxxx of xxxxx Drivers All xxx activities in xxxxx company xxxxxx xx improve xxx value of xxx products and xxxxxxxx offered xx xxx customers, xxxxx in return xxxx add value xxxx to xxx xxxxxxx are xxxxxx Value Drivers xxxxxxxxxx 2010) One xx the xxxxx xxxxxxx for xxxxx is following xxx current innovative xxxxxx in xxxxxxxxxx xxx example, xxxxx offering of xxxxx services to xxx customers xx xxxxx Delta xxxxxxxx accounted for xx percent of xxx the xxxxxxxxx xxxx offered xxxxxxxx internet services xxxx is a xxxxxxxx services xxx xxx its xxxxxxxxx but business xxxxxxxxx can better xxx advantage xx xxxx service xxxxxxx this service xxxxx them to xxxxxx connected xxxx xxx outside xxxxx and do xxxxxxxx while flying xxxx (Chris, xxxxx xxxxx has xxxx taken advantage xx technology and xxxxxxxxxx many xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx that xxxx value to xxx products and xxxxxxxxx like xx xxx started xxxxx alternative ways xx pay for xxxxxxxx such xx xxx growing xxxxxx payment service; xxx interrupted travel xxxxxxxxxxx such xx xxxxxxxxx rebooking xxxxx org, 2011) xxxxx Proposition Value xxxxxxxxxxx is xxxx xxxx value xxxxxxx and it xxxx refers to xxx value xxxxxxxxx xxxx to xxx customers by xxxxxxxx them products xxx services xxxxxxxx xxx customer xxxxxxxxx as value xxx is willing xx pay xxx xxxx value xx the value xxxxxxxxxxx (Harmon, 2007) xxx customers xxx xxxxxxx or xxxxxxx is valuable xxxx they are xxxxx given xxxxxx xxxxx by xxxxxxxxxx particular products xxx services which xxxx cannot xxx xx pu.....
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