Rasmussen Communicating CBA45 Deliverable 1 – Constructing Professional Documents

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Construct professional documents.


Throughout your career you will be asked to create several professional documents. Each time you must create a document written at the highest level of knowledge, grammar, spelling and capability.

For this assignment you are going to pick two of the three following documents and create them. Please follow the specific instructions for each type of document that you choose.

Action Plan – your employer has asked you to create an action plan for your professional development for the next year. You need to include some of the following information; conferences you will attend, what you will do to educate yourself in your field and any trainings you need to attend.


Action Steps




Resume/Cover Letter – obtain a job description that you will turn in with your resume and cover letter. Write the cover letter and resume, tailoring it to the job description you selected.

PowerPoint Problem Solution Plan – Pick a problem that is currently happening in your community, a school referendum, a city ordinance, a recent rise in crime, use your imagination in picking a topic. Create a PowerPoint Presentation that covers each of the following elements:

Introduction to the problem

Effect on the community

Possible Solution(s)

Conclusion/Action Steps

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