Franu PSYC3340 Week 4 Individual Assignment Part 2 Who Has the Power

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Week 4 Individual Assignment Part 2: Who Has the Power?

Work individually on this assignment.  Please click here to see the Grading Rubric for Weekly Written Assignments.


Instructions:  Reflect on the power structure of a group to which you belong.  This group can be one that meets regularly in a work or social setting, a class, or a subgroup of the students within a class.


Describe the group briefly: its composition, structure, dynamics, and tasks.  Who is influential in the group, and who is not?

Is power distributed on experience, age, position, or something else?  Is power fairly distributed?  Are some people who should be influential ignored by the group?

Describe the power of 3 - 6 members of the group using French and Raven’s power bases: coercive, reward, referent, legitimate, expert, and informational.

How have you influenced people in this group? Have you used rational or nonrational power tactics, or both? Hard or soft tactics? Unilateral or bilateral tactics?  Review the list of power tactics used to influence people in Table 8.2 and identify your most preferred tactics and least preferred tactics.

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