CSU OSHA SAFTE 4308 Unit VIII final project

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In this course, you are asked to prepare a Final Project (Comprehensive Report), which is made up of various scenarios throughout each unit. Each unit (i.e., units II through VIII) contains a scenario for you to solve and to provide recommendations. By the end of the course, you are asked to collect all of the individual responses from each scenario and to insert them into a Comprehensive Report.
The Final Project (Comprehensive Report) requires each of the following:
I. Title page (APA format)
II. Executive Summary (summarize the entire report by briefly identifying the main points of each individual report)

III. Table of Contents
IV. Each of the individual reports (with any necessary corrections/improvements)
V. Each appendix from the individual reports (with any necessary corrections/improvements)
The purpose of this Project and its constituent reports is to provide you with an opportunity to gather data, calculate data, make recommendations, and prepare reports as an advanced saf

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  1. CSU OSHA SAFTE 4308 Unit VIII final project

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