What is meant by the phrase crimes are statutory offenses

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Give the Source(s) of your answers (textbook - WITH SPECIFIC PAGE REFERENCES; websites etc.)

give your Sources WITH SPECIFICITY to avoid receiving a failing grade.

WHY? Because you are not an authority on the Law and you are not the Source of the Law, therefore you have to refer to resources. I had to learn this too when I was starting out!

100 each paragraph

  1. What is meant by the phrase "crimes are statutory offenses"?
  2. Explain Criminal Intent.
  3. Choose one of the Constitutional Safeguards and explain how it works.
  4. Can a person be prosecuted twice for the same act? Explain fully all issues.
  5. What is RICO?

In the short essay style questions, you can optimize your submissions by using a balance of quoted passages and your own paraphrasing. Relying heavily or exclusively on quoted material is not effective nor is relying solely on paraphrased material.

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  1. What is meant by the phrase crimes are statutory offenses

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