iven all the corporate scandals in recent years, assignment focuses on real world examples

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Given all the corporate scandals in recent years, assignment focuses on real world examples of corporate wrongdoing. The focus this week is to apply the corporate concepts from the text to the "real world."
1. After reading the assigned chapters, pick ONE of the following corporations to research:
• Adelphia Communications
• HealthSouth
Now you are ready to begin your independent research. You may use Internet and other research sources for this assignment. As with your last project, I suggest using more than one source to help ensure accurate/reliable information. MINIMUM 3 Sources (please see separate link regarding citations for further important information on sources). Also keep in mind that you want multiple sources to provide you with comprehensive information.
2. What to research.
The purpose of this assignment is to give you firsthand information about what happened to the company you've selected. Your corporate research should focus on the potential and/or actual criminal and civil liability of the corporation and its officers/directors.
For example, what did the officers/directors do wrong? What duties were breached? What has happened with the criminal and civil lawsuits so far? Who filed the suits and what claims were filed? Were there conflicts of interest present here? How did these activities affect the shareholders and/or the company as a whole? What did the officers and directors do that was criminal AND/OR civil wrongdoing? What duties did the officers/directors breach? What has happened in the civil and criminal suits?
3. What to write in your assignment.
Once you have found relevant material, then write your own summary and Incorporating key terms from the readings to your research is key to your posting. At a minimum, your posting should incorporate 6 different key terms and phrases from this week's readings (in all CAPS).
When researching and writing this week's assignment, keep in mind that your research should explain and discuss concepts as though your reader (me) knows nothing about them. Students who analyze and summarize their findings, using their own words and incorporating terms from the readings, will score the most points. If it is obvious from your posting that you simply cut and pasted information from your research sources or only changed a few words, you will not earn as many points.
Remember the rules about plagiarism.
Double space, Times New Roman 12 pt font.
Use MLA citation.
Include a works cited page at the end of the paper.
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  1. iven all the corporate scandals in recent years, assignment focuses on real world examples

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