Chapter 2: Basic Elements of C++

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1. ____________________ is the process of planning and creating a program.

2. A(n) ____________________ is a memory location whose contents can be changed.

3. A(n) ____________________ is a collection of statements, and when it is activated, or executed, it accomplishes something.


4. ____________________ functions are those that have already been written and are provided as part of the system.

5. ____________________ rules determine the meaning of instructions.

6. ____________________ can be used to identify the authors of the program, give the date when the program is written or modified, give a brief explanation of the program, and explain the meaning of key statements in a program.

7. The smallest individual unit of a program written in any language is called a(n) ____________________.

8. In a C++ program, ____________________ are used to separate special symbols, reserved words, and identifiers.

9. The ____________________ type is C++ ’s method for allowing programmers to create their own simple data types.

10. The memory space for a(n) ____________________ data value is 64 bytes.

11. The maximum number of significant digits is called the ____________________.

12. When a value of one data type is automatically changed to another data type, a(n) ____________________ type coercion is said to have occurred.

13. A(n) ____________________ is a sequence of zero or more characters.

14. In C++, you can use a(n) ____________________ to instruct a program to mark those memory locations in which data is fixed throughout program execution.

15. A data type is called ____________________ if the variable or named constant of that type can store only one value at a time.

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  1. Chapter 2: Basic Elements of C++

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