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devry ethc 445 week 6 discussion

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Week 6 discussions

Applying Rand's Objectivism (graded)

Ayn Rand’s Objectivist philosophyhas been touted by her detractors as the philosophy of self-interested selfishness.

Her four epistemological principles are:
1. Metaphysics: Objective reality of the world and the objects in it.
2. Epistemology: Reason as the one and only key to understanding.
3. Ethics: Self-interest in what behavior is but also what it should be.
4. Politics: Capitalism through the performance of deeds by individuals who are self-interested.

In the early 1960's, a student asked a spokesman for Objectivism what would happen to the poor in an Objectivist's free society.
The spokesman answered, "If you want to help them, you will not be stopped."

If one reads Rand's works, Atlas Shrugged, or The Fountainhead, one will conclude that this would be the answer Ayn would have given to that student as well.

What do you conclude from the answer given by the Objectivist spokesperson?
Is Objectivism, like Moral Relativism, the opposite of ethics?
And what clue in what she taught leads to your conclusion?

Working Conflict Resolution Methods (graded)

Different ways to analyze ethical behaviors and dilemmas exist, and many of them will help direct you to the correct or "best" solution to a problem.

As we discussed in week 1 in the "tough choices" .pdf, sometimes right vs. right or wrong vs. wrong decisions have to be made.

In the lecture this week, you are given three ethical dilemma resolution models to try out on a dilemma provided there. Please review that interactive before posting to the threads this week, and let's bring your questions and comments about the "proposed" solutions here to the threads. We will talk about that through mid-week, and then I will post a new dilemma here where we will, as a group, begin analyzing it using the different methods.

You will need to be able to use these three models (Blanchard and Peale, Laura Nash and Front page of the Newspaper) on the final exam ... so let's be sure to practice all three of them together this week.

So, to start this off, let's address the dilemma in the Week 6 Lecture interactive (at the bottom of the page). You MUST read the lecture and run the interactive in order to participate in the threads this week!

  1. Review the sample solution to the Laura Nash method.

    Do you agree with that analysis? If so, what parts do you think really helped you work through the dilemma? If not, which parts do you not agree with?
  2. Review the sample solution to the Front Page of the Newspaper method.

    Do you think this is one of those types of dilemmas for which this model works? If not, why not? If so, why? How did using this method help you work through the dilemma?
  3. Review the sample solution to the Blanchard and Peale method.

    Do you agree with the analysis? If not, why not? If so, in what way did this help you analyze this dilemma?

Pick ONE of the above 3 questions and let's get started.Or, respond to another student with details about why you agree or disagree with their analysis. Feel free to kindly debate with each other. Do not take things personally if someone disagrees. Be sure to show that you have viewed the lecture and interactive and that you attempted an analysis for "high quality" posts this week. After Wednesday, I will bring in another scenario and we can analyze that one together as a class.

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devry ethc 445 week 6 discussion

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Tutorial Preview …the xxxxxxxxxx on xxx final exam xx let's be xxxx to xxxxxxxx xxx three xx them together xxxx week So, xx start xxxx xxxx let's xxxxxxx the dilemma xx the Week x Lecture xxxxxxxxxxx xxx the xxxxxx of the xxxxx You MUST xxxx the xxxxxxx xxx run xxx interactive in xxxxx to participate xx the xxxxxxx xxxx week! xxxxxx the sample xxxxxxxx to the xxxxx Nash xxxxxx xx you xxxxx with that xxxxxxxxx If so, xxxx parts xx xxx think xxxxxx helped you xxxx through the xxxxxxxx If xxxx xxxxx parts xx you not xxxxx with? Review xxx sample xxxxxxxx xx the xxxxx Page of xxx Newspaper method xx you xxxxx xxxx is xxx of those xxxxx of dilemmas xxx which xxxx xxxxx works? xx not, why xxxx If so, xxxx How xxx xxxxx this xxxxxx help you xxxx through the xxxxxxxx Review xxx xxxxxx solution xx the Blanchard xxx Peale method xx you xxxxx xxxx the xxxxxxxxx If not, xxx not? If xxx in xxxx xxx did xxxx help you xxxxxxx this dilemma? xxxx ONE xx xxx above x questions and xxxxx get started xxx respond xx xxxxxxx…
Week_6_discussions.docx (15.38 KB)
Preview: and xxxxx It xxxxx gives the xxxxxxx of self-effort xxxx team xxxxxx xxx should xxxx only about xxxxxxxxxx in most xxxxxxxxxx but xx xxxx happen xx care about xxxxxxx else then xx is xxxxx xxxxx and xxxxxx to help xxx person  I xxxxx that xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx promotes xxxxxxxxx and the xxxxxx and physical xxxxxx or xxxxxxxx xxxx enables xxxxxxx to succeed xx prosper in xxxx society xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Resolution xxxxxxx (graded)Different ways xx analyze ethical xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx xxxxxx and xxxx of them xxxx help direct xxx to xxx xxxxxxx or xxxxxx solution to x problem As xx discussed xx xxxx 1 xx the "tough xxxxxxxx pdf, sometimes xxxxx vs xxxxx xx wrong xx wrong decisions xxxx to be xxxx In xxx xxxxxxx this xxxxx you are given xxxxx ethical dilemma xxxxxxxxxx models xx xxx out xx a dilemma xxxxxxxx there Please xxxxxx that xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx posting xx the threads xxxx week, and xxxxx bring xxxx xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx about the xxxxxxxxxx solutions here xx the xxxxxxx xx We xxxx talk about xxxx through mid-week, xxx then x xxxx post x new dilemma xxxx where we xxxxx as.....
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