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Proj586 WEEK 8 FINAL EXAM October 2017

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Subject: General Questions
Due on: 10/21/2017
Posted On: 10/21/2017 04:02 PM

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Question 1 10 pts

(TCO A) In a _____ organization, resources are controlled by a functional manager and the project manager used cross-functional teams to accomplish the goals of the project.

Weak Matrix

Strong Matrix

Pure Project


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Question 2 10 pts

(TCO H) What is the shortest phase of the project life cycle?





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Question 3 10 pts

(TCO B) A(n) _____ is defined as a piece of work that consumes time.

work package



work object

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Question 4 10 pts

(TCO D) All of the following are strategies for positive risks except _____.





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Question 5 10 pts

(TCO F) The primary purpose of a _____ meeting is to identify and resolve problems.

communications flow

status review

technical design review

problem solving

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Question 6 10 pts

(TCO F) The two most common types of project reports are _____.

progress reports and the contract report

weekly and monthly

progress reports and the final report

update-only reports and status

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Question 7 10 pts

(TCO C) _____ is the amount of time a particular activity can be delayed without delaying the earliest start time of its immediately succeeding activities.

Free time

Free slack

Free change

Work release

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Question 8 10 pts

(TCO A) The project plan is executed in the _____.

initiating phase

planning phase

executing phase

closing phase

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Question 9 10 pts

(TCO C) Why are activities drawn in a serial relationship on a network diagram?

The activities use different resources.

The activities are independent of each other.

From a technical standpoint, the activities must be performed in that sequence.

The order of completion doesn’t matter.

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Question 10 10 pts

(TCO F) The _____ is the amount that was budgeted to accomplish the work scheduled to be performed up to that point in time.

total budgeted cost (TBC)

cumulative actual cost (CAC)

cumulative budgeted cost (CBC)

cumulative earned value (CEV)

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Question 11 10 pts

(TCO C) Calculate the earliest start for Task B if its predecessor, Task A, finishes on day 3 and the duration of Task B is 2 days.

Day 5

Day 3

Day 1

This cannot be calculated based upon the information given.

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Question 12 10 pts

(TCO H) A project audit provides an opportunity to evaluate issues and concerns to determine potential improvements. A project audit should contain the following information.

Project charter, scope, and assumptions

Risk assessment, future projections, and audit limitations

Resource skills and assignments

Communications management plan

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Question 13 20 pts

(TCO B) Describe the benefits of including the people who will be involved in performing the project when planning the project.

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12pt Paragraph


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Question 14 20 pts

(TCO B) The project charter documents the what and why of the project. In addition to the what and why of the project, what else does the project charter identify?

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12pt Paragraph


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Question 15 40 pts


Part 1: Discuss some types of conflict that might arise during a project. (20 points)

Part 2: Describe two examples that have these types of conflict. (20 points)

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Question 16 40 pts

(TCO C) A project to remodel an office area has the following activities. (Hint: You will need to build an AIB/AON diagram, perform a forward pass, and perform a backward pass to answer this question.)


A3 months---

B2 months---

C3 months---

D4 monthsA, B

E3 monthsA

F2 monthsB, C

G2 monthsF

H1 monthG

I4 monthsD, E, F

J5 monthsH

What are the critical path activities? (8 points)

What is the project's scheduled completion time? (8 points)

What is the slack or float for Activity B? Show your calculations. (8 points)

What is the slack or float for Activity C? Show your calculations. (8 points)

What is the slack or float for Activity E? Show your calculations. (8 points)

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Question 17 35 pts

(TCO D) A firm stores data for other organizations. The company stores data across many states, providing backup data storage for states, municipal governments, and large corporations. The firm is deploying a new set of storage devices that are faster, denser, and more energy efficient.

Part 1: List and discuss the six steps in risk management for the new data storage project. (17.5 points)

Part 2: Describe a positive and a negative risk event, the related consequences, and the risk response plan for each of the two risks for the new data storage project. (17.5 points)

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