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Subject: General Questions
Due on: 12/31/2013
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51. If a patient was diagnosed as having personality disorder, he is most likely

belonged to which axis criteria according to DSM?

a. Axis I

b. Axis II

c. Axis III

d. Axis IIII

52. Because Joanna has an unconscious sexual attraction to her father. She behaves

seductively toward her therapist. Joanna’s behavior is most likely a form of:

a. Resistance

b. Transference

c. Misinterpretation

d. An unconscious defence mechanism

53. Glia cells do all of the following EXCEPT:

a. Transmit information to , from and within the central nervous system

b. Help determine which neural connections get stronger or weaker

c. Protect the brain from toxic agents

d. Provide neurons with nutrients

54. Synapse inhibits an information causes neurotransmitters drift away from

receptor sites and remain inactive, the _______ effect occurs.

a. Release

b. Inactivation mode

c. Binging

d. Reuptake

55. The _______ lobe is to hearing as the occipital lobe is to vision.

a. Frontal

b. Temporal

c. Parietal

d. Cerebellar

56. “5” will be a _______ of the following data: 2, 4, 5, 5, 5, 6, 6, 7

a. Mode

b. Average

c. Median

d. Mean and mode Laurier SOS: Students Offering Support

57. Harry keeps hearing people whispering and screaming beside his ears; he found

this annoyed but cannot get rid of the sounds at all. This is a symptom of:

a. Delusion

b. Irrational thought

c. Hallucination

d. Disturbed emotion

58. Which therapists are likely to play the least active (most subtle) role in

conduction therapy?

a. Behavior therapists

b. Cognitive therapists

c. Group therapists

d. Psychoanalytic therapists

59. Which of the following places a major emphasis on subjective factors in the

perception of thresholds?

a. Weber’s law

b. Fechner’s law

c. Steven’s power factor

d. Signal detection theory

60. Endorphins act primarily by:

a. Blocking synaptic activity

b. Causing action potentials in neurons

c. Altering the effects of neurotransmitters

d. Functioning as neurotransmitters

61. Which of the following regions contains the visual cortex?

a. Occipital lobes

b. Frontal lobes

c. Temporal lobes

d. Parietal lobes

62. What appears to be responsible for regulating the circadian rhythm?

a. Amount of time spent sleeping

b. Amount of time spend awake

c. Cultural practices

d. Exposure to light Laurier SOS: Students Offering Support

63. Personality traits are characterized by

a. Consistency and distinctiveness

b. Charm and wit

c. Change as a function of the situation

d. Lack of individual differences

64. Your friend spends money like water. When you learn that he is from a poverty-

stricken background, you attribute his spending patterns to his earlier deprivation.

According to the critical thinking analysis, you are likely to do this because of:

a. Hindsight bias

b. A self- serving attribution

c. The consistency and distinctiveness of personality

d. Circular reasoning

65. Which of the following factors can affect the outcome of a treatment program?

a. The efficacy of the treatment itself

b. Regression toward the mean

c. Placebo effects

d. All of the above

66. The _______, which is shaped like a sphere or a pyramid, contains the

biochemical machinery for keeping the neuron alive.

a. Glial cell

b. Dendrite

c. Cell body

d. Myelin sheath

67. In which of the following culture is an independent view of the self most likely to

be the norm?

a. China

b. Japan

c. Africa

d. Canada

68. Which of the following neurotransmitter affects neurons involved in voluntary

movement, learning, memory, emotion and possibly, response to novelty?


b. Dopamine

c. Acetylcholine

d. Serotonin

69. Which of the following statements is/are correct?

a. The right side of the brain is the creative side

b. The right and left brains are specialized to handle different kinds of information

c. Language tasks are always handled by the left side of the brain

d. Most schooling overlooks the education of the right brain

70. Heather avoids situations such as travelling far from home, being alone in or

outside the home and going into crowded places. Judging from this description,

which of the following term best encapsulates her behavior?

a. Agoraphobia

b. Social phobia

c. Panic attack

d. Generalized anxiety

71. William James’ interest in how images, sensations, memories and other mental

events make up our flowing stream of consciousness was integral to the historical

approach to psychology known as:

a. Psychoanalysis

b. Behaviorism

c. Functionalism

d. Structuralism

72. The two parts of the central nervous system (CNS) are the brain and the:

a. Brainstem

b. Nerves

c. Autonomic nervous system

d. Spinal cord

73. During Dr. Singer’s hospital rounds, he meets with patients who are suffering with

Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and severe depression. To understand

these disorders better, he looks to the role of:

a. Hormones

b. Neurotransmitters

c. Endorphins

d. Melatonin

74. Repetitive behaviors or cognitive acts that are intended to reduce anxiety are

referred to as:

a. Obsessions

b. Compulsions

c. Neutralizations

d. Numbing rituals

75. Karen keeps re-experiencing the event that she was getting bitten by her

stepmother. She has continually nightmares, flashbacks; sometimes she has

emotional numbing which she never feels sad about people’s death not even her

friends. Karen in this case, is most likely be diagnosed as having _______.

a. Panic disorder

b. Obsessive- compulsive disorder

c. Post- traumatic stress disorder

d. Depression

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