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Due on: 12/30/2013
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35. The findings from twin studies indicate that identical twins are much more similar than fraternal twins on

which of the following?

a. Neuroticism

b. Extraversion

c. Conscientiousness

d. All the personality traits in the five-factor model of personality

36. An individual's unique constellation of consistent behavioral traits is known as

a. collectivism.

b. individualism.

c. personality.

d. an archetype.

37. What was the term Freud used to describe a daughter’s attraction to her father?

a. Association complex c. penis envy

b. Fixation complex d. Electra complex

38. Schizophrenia is characterized by

a. emotional disturbances and high levels of anxiety.

b. the presence of two or more distinct personalities.

c. loss of memory or personal identity.

d. a disturbance of thought processes.

39. Which of the following statements is MOST accurate concerning the onset of schizophrenia?

a. The symptoms tend to be most severe when the disorder has a late onset

b. The peak age of onset is during middle or late adulthood (age 45 and on)

c. The symptoms usually emerge during adolescence or early adulthood

d. The onset of schizophrenia is spread evenly across almost all age groups

40. The prognosis is poorer for schizophrenics who return to families characterized by

a. low expressed emotion.

b. low communication deviance.

c. high expressed emotion.

d. high interpersonal support.

41. The id is

a. a developmental period that leaves its mark on adult personality.

b. the moral component of personality.

c. the decision-making component of personality.

d. the primitive, instinctive component of personality.

42. According to Rogers, parents who give their children affection both when the children meet and also when

they fail to meet expectations provide their children with

a. conditional love or affection.

b. unconditional love or affection.

c. continual love or affection.

d. generalized love or affection.

43. Humanistic personality theories focus on

a. an individual's freedom and potential for growth.

b. genetic factors.

c. unconscious mental forces.

d. learning.44. Alan has always done poorly in his math courses; he must take a statistics course next term to graduate. He is

not confident he will do well in it and is very nervous about taking the course. In this example, Alan shows

evidence of having

a. high incongruence with respect to math.

b. low self-efficacy in math.

c. high self-efficacy in math.

d. a mathematical neurosis.

45. Behavior that causes anxiety or concern for the affected individual may be considered to be

a. deviant.

b. maladaptive.

c. personally distressing.

d. insane.

46. Rick believes that his dog is really his sister who was given up for adoption by his mother 30 years ago.

Rick's belief is

a. an illusion.

b. a hallucination.

c. a delusion.

d. a faulty perception.

47. According to Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, depressed people who tend to ruminate about their depression

a. remain depressed longer.

b. recover from their depression quicker.

c. attribute their setbacks to their personal flaws instead of situational factors.

d. attribute their setbacks to situational factors and not to their personal flaws.

48. Recent research into the possibility of a neurochemical basis for anxiety disorders has generated evidence

that suggests anxiety disorders may result from

a. disturbances in the neural circuits using norepinephrine.

b. disturbances in the neural circuits using GABA.

c. too much activity in the neural circuits using serotonin.

d. too little activity in the neural circuits using serotonin.

49. Jeffrey Dahmer was judged to be legally sane, even though he admitted to butchering, cannibalizing, and

then having sex with the dead bodies of over a dozen young men. The judgment of legal sanity meant that

a. his actions failed to meet the criteria of cultural deviance.

b. he was able to appreciate the fact that his actions were legally or morally wrong at the time

of the crime.

c. he had recovered from his psychological disorder by the time the trial took place.

d. his actions failed to meet the criteria of personal distress.

50. Daryl is taking a personality test in which he is shown a series of simple scenes. He is supposed to tell a

story about what is happening in each scene and suggest what the characters are feeling. The test that Daryl

is taking is the

a. Thematic Apperception Test (TAT).

b. Rorschach test.

c. 16 Personality Factor (16PF) Questionnaire.

d. Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS).E4 A White

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