The leader of your country - Electronic waste

The leader of your country - Electronic waste

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Read all the information belowand provide an 7 page essay using 8 peer reviewed sources (I do not need a cover page &the reference page would NOT be included as part of the 8 pages) NEED TO HAVE: abstract, introduction, answer to the question, and the conclusion. This paper is to in fact to prove research that was already done; therefore you’d speak in THIRD PERSON. For example: “Based on research that was done by___” and “The state of Georgia concluded that_”. Prove that you know what you’re talking about using peer reviewed references.

This is the essay question:

The leader of your country/state/region (choose any country, state, region) recently signed into law a piece of legislation that you authored that requires the recycling of electronic waste as a way to protect the environment. Unfortunately, you discover that much of this electronic waste is being loaded into containers and placed on cargo ships heading for countries in the third world. Once they arrive, the containers are unloaded and child labor is utilized to take the small, but valuable, metals out of this electronic waste. In some instances, the electronic parts are melted down, thereby exposing the workers to hazardous chemicals, and some workers die. In the process, the land, water, and food supply also are being contaminated. Please evaluate the political, social, and ethical implications of this decision that was made in the public interest.

NOTE: While using peer reviewed research that has already been proven, you’d also want to look into article topics such as: recycling of electronic waste to protect the environment, arguments why the recycling of electronic waste is beneficial, issues that may occur, why this would be beneficial to third world countries, why it would negatively affect third world countries, effects of workers being exposed to hazardous chemicals, effects of the land, water and food supply being contaminated.

IMPORTANT:Must cite information from peer reviewed articles onlythat actually relate to the point your trying to make! Writing should be well ordered, logical, unified and able to understand clearly as this is a graduate level paper, as well as original and insightful, organization and mechanics are expected.Please only usejournal articles from websites such as GOOGLE SCHOLAR & JSTOR that have all the information needed such as the author, publishing date or publication year, article title and periodical title with the volume/issue and page numbers for accurate citation and credibility purposes; APA Style, ORIGINAL WORK ONLY & ALL PARAPHRAZEDAlso cite where all of the information came from at the end of every paragraph using in text citations& include the actual sources using a reference page.THANK YOU ?

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