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MBA6024-Organizational Strategy

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Assignment Description and Instructions First, synthesize the strategic issues articulated in the Strategic Fit of the Firm Assessment from Unit 3 and Strategic Fit With the Industry Environment Assessment from Unit 4. You will compare and contrast strategic issues and assign a nominal ranking of potential impact of the issue on the organization. Defend your synthesis by referring to specific information in the previous analysis reports.

Next, formulate strategic recommendations to address those issues you determine from your synthesis to be critical to the strategic fit between the firm and its industry environment. Recommendations will be explicitly cast using the Strategic Frame Assessment from Unit 1. Specifically, business strategy and competitive advantage recommendations will identify costs, differentiation, and hybrid type. Corporate strategy recommendations will identify diversification, vertical integration, and globalization. A recommendation to address ethical dilemmas will refer to the source of instability—economic, social, political, and technological—that is leading to societal pressure for change to enhance social legitimacy. Assumptions relative to the strategic elements of the firm will serve as a measurement of strategic progress.

Keep in mind the following points:

Synthesize concerns and opportunities, and articulate them as strategic issues. What are the critical issues? Why are these particular issues critical? Evaluate the strategic issues including the degree to which they may impact the strategic position, direction, decisions, and activities of the organization. Propose strategies and recommend approaches to mitigate strategic issues that represent ethical dilemmas. Propose strategies and recommend approaches for strategic issues that have significant impact on the strategic direction of the firm, or sustained competitive advantage of the organization. Ensure your report includes an executive summary that references the VP's expectations communicated in the project kick-off meeting.

Submit your report in a business format, adhering to the submission requirements below. Submission Requirements Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message. Business formatting: Length: 4–5 double-spaced, typed pages.

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MBA6024-Organizational Strategy Assignment

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Preview: strategic xxxxxxxxx of xxx firm, or xxxxxxxxx competitive advantage xx the xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx your xxxxxx includes an xxxxxxxxx summary that xxxxxxxxxx the xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx communicated xx the project xxxxxxxx meeting Submit xxxx report xx x business xxxxxxx adhering to xxx submission requirements xxxxx Submission xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx communication: xxxxxxx communication is xxxx of errors xxxx detract xxxx xxx overall xxxxxxx Business formatting: xxxxxxx 4–5 double-spaced, xxxxx pages xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx idea xxxx organizations are xxxxxx in fundamental xxxx by xxx xxxxxx of xxxxx environments in xxxxx they are xxxxxxxx is xxx xxxxx are xxxx systems of xxx organization and xxx process xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Therefore, xxx organization environment xxxxxxxx has emerged xx occupy xx xxxxxxxxx though xxx universal accepted, xxxxxxxx in organization xxxxxxxxx A xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx has xxxx moved to xxx center stage xx the xxxxxx xx management xxx business policy xxxxxxxxxx like the xxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx models, xxx strategy policy xxxxxxxxx has taken xxxx since xx xxxxxxx almost xxxxxxxxxxxx at a xxxxxxxxxxx high level xx generalizations xxxxxx xxxx frameworks xxx degenerate into xxxxxx situational arguments xx the xxxxx xx abstraction xx made to xx too low xxxx frameworks xxx xxxx however xxxxxxxxx They differ xxxxxxxxxxxx in the xxxxxxxxx regarded xx xxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxxxx in the xxxxxx in which xxx information xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx contingency xx modeled, and xx the role xxxxxxxxxxxxxx structure xxxxx xx the xxxxxx process of xxxxxxxxxx The Strategy xxxxxxxxxxxxxx backgroundFord xxxxx xxxxxxx is xxxxxxxx as one xx the largest xxxxxxxxxx manufactures xx xxx world xxx company incorporated xxxxxxxxx that enhance x big xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxx and a xxxxxxx management of xxx industrial xxx xxxxxxxxxxx force xx applying the xxxxxxxx lines The xxxx of xxx xxxxxxx is xx boost continually xxx and auto xxxxxxx products xxx xxxxxxxx in xxxxx to make xxxxxxxxxxxx satisfied The xxxxxxxxxxx mission xxxxxxxxx xx to xxxxx quality automobiles xxx customer satisfaction xxx enabling xx xx prosper xxx achieve reasonable xxxxxxx for their xxxxxxxxxxxx The xxxxxxx xxx been xxxxxxxxxxxx to be x global merging xxxx and xxxxxxxx xxxxxx organization xx an extremely xxxxxxxxxxx global market xxxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xx a xxxx to boost xxxxx structure raises xxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx xxxxx product xxxx development process xx order to xxxxxxx more xxxxxxxx xxx cars xxxxxx The concept xx strategy is xxxxxx with xxx xxx of xxx managerial discretion xxxxxxxxx and some xxxxx strategic xxxxxx xx a xxxxxx of thought xxxxxxxxxx for an xxxxxxxxxxxxxx to xx xxxxxxxxxxx knowledge xxxxxxxxxx strategy must xxxxxxxx the key xxxxx and xxxxxx xxxxxx an xxxxxxxxxxxxx and offer x framework for xxxxxxxxxx such xxxxxx xxxxx & xxxx 2012) There xxx various models xxx building xx xx information xxxxxxxxxxxxxx method each xxxxxx by an xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx model xx.....
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