Searching for gainful employment in your chosen

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Searching for gainful employment in your chosen field requires a lot of work; resume writing, job searching, networking, etc. Preparing your resume and/or a CV and searching for open positions is only the first step. If you’ve done things correctly organizations will be interested in hiring you. But before they do, they will want to conduct an interview either by phone or in person. The best candidates are those who are prepared for the interview and follow-up process.

For this project you will begin initial preparations for the interview process.

You will need to research the Library and the internet for information on the interview process to help you prepare your paper.

For this assignment you will prepare a paper that responds to the following:

  1. Identify five (5) general (common) questions you believe will likely be asked by most interviewers. Prepare a response for each question regarding how you personally would answer each question.
  2. Explain and identify what information about the organization you might need to research and be knowledgeable about beforethe interview.
  3. Identify three (3) questions that an interviewer cannotask and how you would professionally reply to each if any are asked of you.
  4. Prepare a short 1 paragraph “Thank you” note that you might send to an interviewer within 24-hours of the interview
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  1. Searching for gainful employment in your chosen

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