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Question # 00001251
Subject: General Questions
Due on: 09/19/2013
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Quiz 4 chapter8

Quiz 5

Quiz 5 Chapters 9-10

Quiz 8

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MAT 540 - quizzess

Tutorial # 00001114
Posted On: 09/17/2013 05:45 AM
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qm_quiz_5.docx (42.32 KB)
Preview: integer xxxxxxxxxxx model, xx the constraint xxxxxxxx 0, it xxxxx when xxxxxxx x is xxxxxxxxx project 2 xxxxxxxxxx be selected xxxxxx Selected xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx alsoCorrect xxxxxxxxxxx must alsoQuestion xx 2 out xx 2 xxxxxxxx x 0-1 xxxxxxx programming model, xx the constraint xxxxxxxx 0, xx xxxxx when xxxxxxx 2 is xxxxxxxxx project 1 xxxxxxxxxx be xxxxxxxx xxxxxx Selected xxxxxxxxxxx can sometimesCorrect xxxxxxxxxxx can sometimesQuestion xx 2 xxx xx 2 xxxxxxxxx solution to xxx linear programming xxxxxxxxxx of x xxxxxxxxxxxx problem xxxx always be xxxxxxxxxx the value xx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx minimization xxxxxxx Answer Selected xxxxxxxxxxx less than xx equal xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx less xxxx or equal xxxxxxxxxx 13 2 xxx of x xxxxxxxx a xxxxxxx budgeting problem, xx either project x or xxxxxxx x is xxxxxxxxx then project x cannot be xxxxxxxx Which xx xxx alternatives xxxxxx below correctly xxxxxx this situation?Answer xxxxxxxx Answer:   xxxxx xxxxx 1, xxxxxxx x5 ? 1Correct xxxxxxxxxxx x1 + x5 ? xx  x2 + xxxxx xxxxxxxxx 14 x out of x pointsIf the xxxxxxxx values xx x linear xxxxxxx are rounded xx order to xxxxxx an xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxx isAnswer Selected xxxxxxxxxxx sometimes optimal xxx feasibleCorrect xxxxxxxxxxx.....
quiz_4_chapter_8.docx (36.27 KB)
Preview: revenue xxx demand xxxxx will shift xxxxxx to MR’ xxx D’ xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx 6 x out of x pointsTemporary discounts xxxxxxx to xxxxxxxxx xx competitive xxxxxxxxx usually reflect:AnswerSelected xxxxxxxxxxxx discrimination Correct xxxxxxxxxxxx discrimination xxxxxxxx x 2 xxx of 2 xxxxxxxxxxx to Figure xxx If x xxxxxxxxxxx firm xxxxxx a new xxxx effective technology xxxxxx reduces xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx Which xx the following xxxxxxx will be xxxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxx xxxxx below, xxxxx A represents xxxxxxxxxxx firms which xxx in xxxx xxx equilibrium xx price P0 xxx output q0 xx and xx xxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxx cost and xxx average cost xx the xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx Panel x represents a xxxxxx where every xxxxxx has xxx xxxxxxxx ability xx affect prices xxx market is xx equilibrium xx xxxxx P0 xxx output Qshown xx the intersection xx the xxxxxxxx xxxxxx curve xxxxx and market xxxxxx (D) Figure xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Answer:The xx xxx AC xxxxxx of the xxxxxxxxxx firm will xxxxx downward xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx MC xxx AC curves xx the innovative xxxx will xxxxx xxxxxxxx Question x 2 out xx 2 pointsRefer xx Figure xxx xxxxxxxxx the xxxxxx earned by xxx.....
quiz_5_chapters_9.docx (31.38 KB)
Preview: of xxxxxxxx to xxxx certain actions xxxx the future xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Answer:A xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx contractQuestion xx 2 out xx 2 pointsAccording xx economists, xx xxxxxxxxxx who xxxxx to derive xxxxxxx from the xxxxxxxxxxx of x xxxx without xxxxxx for it xx called:AnswerSelected Answer:a xxxx rider xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx free xxxxx Question 14 x out of x pointsWhich xx xxx following xxx an outcome xx uncoordinated oil xxxxxxxx in xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx California?AnswerSelected xxxxxxxx majority of xxx oil could xxx be xxxxxxx xxx as xxx underground pressure xxxxxxxxx oil from xxxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Answer:A xxxxxxxx of the xxx could not xx drilled xxx xx low xxxxxxxxxxx pressure prevented xxx from reaching xxx surface xxxxxxxx xx 2 xxx of 2 xxxxxxxxxxx of the xxxxxxxxx activities xxx xxxxxx an xxxxxxxx cost?AnswerSelected Answer:Honking xxxxxxxxxxxx while driving xxxx a xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx Answer:Honking xxxxxxxxxxxx while driving xxxx a hospital xxxxxxxx 16 x xxx of x pointsFixing a xxxxxxx schedule in xx agreement:AnswerSelected xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx seller xx easily access xxxxxxxx funds Correct xxxxxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxx xx easily xxxxxx loanable funds xxxxxxxx 17 2 xxx of x xxxxxxxxxxx of xxx following is xx example of x principal/agent xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx investment xxxxxx investing the xxxxxxxxxx money into xxxxxxxxx securities xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx investment xxxxxx investing the xxxxxxxxxx money into xxxxxxxxx securities xxxxxxxx xx 2 xxx of 2 xxxxxxxxxxx of the xxxxxxxxx examples xxx xx associated xxxx the task xxxxxxxxxxx aspect of xx asset?AnswerSelected xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx which xxx be used xx produce only x particular xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Answer:Purchasing xxxxxxxx which can xx used to xxxxxxx.....
quiz_8_0.docx (14.4 KB)
Preview: are xxxxxxxxxxxx then xxxx and B] xxxx be:Correct Answer:Pr[A]×Pr[B] xxxxxxxx 19 xxx xxxxx of x real option xxxxxx with all xx the xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Answer:the xxxx of unemployment xxxxxxxx 20 Refer xx Figure xxxx xxx conditional xxxxxxxxxxx Pr[A/B] will xxxxx the figure xxxxx below x xxx B xxx two sets, xxxx that Pr[A xxx B]=1/3, xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Figure xxxxxxxxxxx Answer:4/9 Question xx Individuals in xxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx Social xxxxxxxx believe that xx would allow xxxxxx to:Correct xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx of xxxxxx and other xxxxxxxxx assets for x portion xx xxxxx Social xxxxxxxx taxes Question xx A _____ xx a xxxxxxxxxxx xx an xxxxxxx that consists xx coupon payments xxx aterminal xxxxxxx xx the xxx value Correct xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 23 A xxxxx borrower xxx xxx a xxxxx interest rate xxxxxxxxxx Answer:she can xxxxxxx for x xxxxxxxxxx Question xx The _____ xxxxxxxx the degree xx association xxxxxxx xxx independent xxxxxxxxx in an x distribution Correct xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx coefficientQuestion xx xxx events x and B.....
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