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post eng110 Unit 7 Assignment Argumentative Writing latest 2017 october

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Unit 7 Assignment- Argumentative Writing

For the first part of the Argumentative Writing Assignment you submitted in Unit 6, you

selected one of the questions below to develop into an outline. In this second part of the

Argumentative Writing Assignment, you will need to continue with that topic.

1. Competitive Sports

a. Why or why not should children participate in competitive sports?

2. Technology Dependency

a. Why or why not has American society become too dependent on


3. Standardized Testing

a. How effective is standardized testing in predicting how well students will

do in school?

The Argumentative Writing Assignment requires that you form an argument in favor of a

specific position on one of the topics above. In the assignment, you will be using three

academic and scholarly sources; two articles should be in favor of your position and one

article should feature the counterargument.

Thesis Statement and Argument

After careful thought, you will be transforming your chosen topic into an arguable thesis.

The assignment will show a clear argument that is outlined in your thesis statement.

This research paper must present an original thesis that is strongly supported

throughout your whole essay.

Body Paragraphs and Evidence

The overall essay will be three to four pages long and employ APA format. You should

also include a title page. Within your essay, use at least three academic and scholarly

sources to support your claim. All researched information must be accurately cited

according to APA format. You will need to include at least three parenthetical, in-text

citations and three references for the sources used in your essay. A references page

should be placed at the end of the paper. Please use the Library’s Academic Journal

resources to find your sources.

ENG110 – College Writing

Argumentative Writing Assignment

Introduction and Conclusion

The introduction should set up the essay for the reader. What information is necessary

for the reader to have at the start of the essay so that the rest of the essay makes

sense? You should end the introduction with your arguable thesis statement. The

conclusion ends the essay. In the conclusion, you want to wrap up your ideas. You

should bring up the thesis statement, but you do not have to restate it. Your conclusion

should leave the reader with your final impression of the subject. The introduction and

conclusion should be tied together but they should not be exact replicas of each other.

Additional Guidelines

Follow these guidelines to write your Argumentative Writing Assignment:

• Include a minimum of three APA in-text citations

• Include an APA reference page with a minimum of three entries

• Include an APA title page and a running head

• The essay (not including the title page and references page) should be 3-4 pages in


• Be objective and avoid using “I,” “me,” “you,” “we,” or “us.

• Be sure to use the Writing Tips page to help with your APA formatting.

• Use your sources to support your thesis statement and argument, but make sure to

show the reader the other side of your argument to avoid being biased.

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post eng110 Unit 7 Assignment Argumentative Writing latest 2017 october

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