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post eng110 Unit 2 Assignment Descriptive Writing latest 2017 october

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Due on: 10/17/2017
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Unit 2 Assignment- Descriptive Writing

Due: by 11:59pm on Sunday of Unit 2.

In this assignment, you will describe one experience that you have had with ONE of the topics below. Select a topic that you may be interested in exploring further. The topic you choose for this assignment can be further explored in the Evaluative and Argumentative Writing Assignments if you choose to do so.

Here are the topics and some questions you can consider when crafting your assignment. Please remember that you do not have to answer these questions. You can just use them as a starting off point on the topic. The main goal here is to describe an experience associated with one of these topics:

1. Competitive Sports

• When you were a child, did you play competitive sports? Do you think that your experience playing sports affected how you approach life? How important is it that sports be competitive?

2. Technology Dependency

• What forms of technology do you currently use? How dependent on technology would you consider yourself to be? Can you describe one specific experience that showed why or why not you are dependent on technology?

3. Standardized Testing

• What was your experience like taking a standardized test? How did you prepare for the test? Did you find that the results from the test were accurate?

Assignment Requirements

The assignment revolves around you using descriptive phrasing to explain your experience. The more descriptive you can be with specific sensory details, the more relatable it will be to the reader. Think about what you saw, what you heard, what you tasted, what you smelled, and what you felt as you went through this experience.

• This assignment should be a total of one to two double-spaced pages. You also should include an APA-style title page and headers. You should use 12 point Times New Roman font. .

• In most APA-style assignments, you should not use the word “I.” In this assignment, however, we want you to think subjectively about your own experiences, so you will need to use “I” and discuss your own life.

ENG110 – College Writing

Descriptive Writing Assignment

• Include the followingo

An introduction that sets up the experience for the reader. End the introduction with the main idea that lets the reader know the focus of the paper. What did the experience teach you?

o A body section with at least one paragraph that explains the experience to the reader.

o A concluding paragraph that wraps up the experience. How did the experience end? Has the experience changed you in any way?

• This assignment does not require use of outside sources. If you use outside sources, please realize you must include in-text citations and references.

• Details should be placed in a logical order and content of the paper fully follows the descriptive prompts and includes all major descriptive details. Your writing should be free of punctuation, spelling, and grammar errors and contain appropriate word choice for an academic setting with clear sentence structure.

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post eng110 Unit 2 Assignment Descriptive Writing latest 2017 october

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