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Unit 1 discussion


Welcome to English 110! . Since we are not available to chat face-to-face, you can introduce yourself in this first discussion board about the concept of home..

Pico Iyer gave a TED Talk about this concept called Where is Home. Please watch the video. He makes the argument that people now travel and may have many homes. Home for Iyer has become more of a feeling than necessarily a specific place.

Watch Video

Pico Iyer: Where is home?

User: n/a - Added: 7/17/13

YouTube URL:

For your initial post-

In one paragraph please answer this question: What is one place that you have travelled to that has felt like home for you? Please describe that place using the senses. Including what you see, what you hear, what something feels like (physical touch), what something smells like, and what something tastes like.

In a second paragraph please share a story with the class of an experience you had in this place. Try to also use description and the five senses to make this story come alive for your classmates.

When you write using the senses to describe a place or an experience, you are using descriptive writing. This is the first writing style that we are exploring in this course. We will examine this style in more detail in Unit 2.

For your peer responses-

Consider the places that your classmates described and their stories. Did you feel like you were there with your classmates at this place? Could any details have been added to the description? Did you want any more sensory description in their posts?

Unit 2 discussion

Object Description

One key component of descriptive writing is showing the reader something rather than telling the reader. For example, I could tell you that I was cold. Or, I could show you: I shivered, rubbing my hands together. Tiny flakes of snow fell from the sky, landing on my already red, wet nose. When you describe something, the key is to remember to use as many of the five senses as possible.

For this post, you will be describing a household object for the class. The object should be something that you use everyday either in the kitchen or living room. In one paragraph, show the class what that object is using the five senses (sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste). Please do not state specifically what the object is in your paragraph. The point of this exercise is for the class to be able to figure out the object through your description.

In your two response posts, first state what object you think the person is describing. How effective was the writer in describing the object? What additional details would you like to see added to the description?

Unit 3 discussion

Evaluating Movies

Sometimes when you evaluate something, you will have to also compare and contrast different aspects of what you are evaluating. You can compare/contrast by either using point-by-point format (by topic) or block format (by overall subject). For this discussion board, we are going to focus on point-by-point organization to evaluate two movies.

In point-by-point format you organize the essay with paragraphs focused on one topic. You then compare/contrast the two movies according to one topic per paragraph. For example:

Topic One

Movie 1

Movie 2

Topic Two

Movie 1

Movie 2

Many movies have been remade or a new franchise has been started with the movies again. For example, consider how many different versions of Batman have been created. In this discussion, you will create two paragraphs that compare and contrast either an original movie and a remake OR an older movie and a newer movie. Evaluate the movies by selecting two specific topics to answer the question: Which of the two movies was better?







In your responses to your classmates, let them know if you were convinced by them of which movie was better. Why or why not?

The following document will help you understand effective organization for your comparison and contrast writing in this discussion. You should focus on the first two sections of the resource, Compare and Contrast and Organization Method. The other sections, Thesis Statement and Audience can be referred to in the future if you are asked to write a compare and contrast essay in other courses.

Unit 4 discussion


In the previous unit, you worked on direct quoting. In this discussion board, you willl continue to practice writing objectively by bringing in evidence from an outside source to support your point. You will support that point with facts from the below video. Do not include a direct quote from the video. You need to put the information into your own words (paraphrase) and then include an in-text citation for that information.

Unit 3 had you considering the author's purpose in writing an article you will be evaluating in this unit. In this discussion, we will consider something that you do every day: having a conversation with other people. Many of the rules of having a conversation can also be applied to writing. An essay is in many ways a conversation between the writer and the reader.

Watch Video

10 ways to have a better conversation | Celeste Headlee

User: n/a - Added: 3/8/16

YouTube URL:

Based on the information in the video, answer the following question by supporting your answer with information from the video in one paragraph:

Which of the ten rules of conversation that Celeste Headly describes in the video do you find to be the most necessary when having a conversation with people? Please note that you cannot answer this question without paraphrasing the video, so make sure to include an in-text citation after the paraphrase.

Paste the following APA-formatted reference at the end of your post. Headlee, C. (2016, March). 10 ways to have a better conversation. [video]. TedxTalks. Retrieved from

In your responses to classmates’ posts, state how well the paraphrase with in-text citation is presented and formatted within their paragraphs. How well did your classmate paraphrase information from the video? Provide feedback to your classmates to help them use paraphrasing more effectively.

Unit 5 discussion

The Pros and Cons of Your Argument

In this discussion board, you will begin writing your Argumentative Writing Assignment by submitting the introduction to your essay. Your Argumentative Writing Assignment must answer one of the questions below:

Competitive Sports

Why or why not should children participate in competitive sports?

Technology Dependency

Why or why not has American society become too dependent on technology?

Standardized Testing

How effective is standardized testing in predicting how well students will do in school?

The introduction is literally the opening of your essay. Imagine that you are watching a really good movie. Why was it so good? Chances are that the movie hooked you from the beginning. You also want to hook your reader from the start of your essay. Pay special attention to the first sentence you use in your essay. Try to engage the readers with that sentence. Then, set up what your essay will be focusing on. Briefly explain your topics and anything else the reader needs to know before he or she moves into the rest of your essay. Finally, end the introduction with a thesis statement that illustrates your argument as well as your topics.

For your peer response posts-

Please respond to at least two of your peers' introduction. How engaged were you from the start of the introduction? Were you hooked by what your classmate wrote? What parts can be expanded upon? What areas in the introduction were not clear? What did you find particularly effective about the introduction?

Unit 6 discussion

Credible Sources

Throughout the research process, you will be finding sources to support your argument for your Argumentative Writing Assignment. Reviewing these sources for bias and credibility is very important.

So, how do you find a reliable, academic, and scholarly source? Please review this short explanation of scholarly sources:

Finding Scholarly Sources (pp. 33-34)

For your initial post, find one source that would support your position for the topic you have selected to write about for the Argumentative Writing Assignment. The source should be scholarly and academic in nature. Write a one paragraph summary of the source, and include an in-text citation, and reference. Refer back to the Citing Sources pdf resource in Unit 3 for information on summarizing. You might also want to review the information on credible sources in the Critiquing a Source pdf in Unit 4 and the Researching chapter listed in Unit 5.

For your two responses, read through your peers’ initial posts and answer the following:

What is the main idea in the source?

Is the source credible? Why or why not?

Is the source biased? Why or why not?

Unit 7 discussion

Revision and Writing Advice

You should be in the middle of revising your essay to hand in at the end of this unit. The idea behind revision is to create a polished piece of work. All writers have to revise their work at some point, and most writers have developed their own method for revision. "'My Pencils Outlast Their Erasers': Great Writers on the Art of Revision" is an article in The Atlantic that features quotes from famous writers on revision.

For your initial post-

Describe in one paragraph which quote resonated with you the most. How does the quote reflect your own revision process? Make sure to include proper citations with a corresponding reference for any direct quote.

In a second paragraph, consider what you plan to revise within your own essay. What do you think you need to revise in your essay? Why do you need to revise it? What is your plan for that revision?

For your two response posts, please answer the following-

What was your reaction to the quote your classmate selected from the article?

What advice would you give your classmate as he or she works on the essay revision?

Unit 8 discussion

Writing Journey Reflection

You have completed your writing journey for this course, so now is the time to take a look back at your experience. Discuss how your writing has evolved over the course of this class. What is the most challenging thing you have encountered in this class? How did you deal with and overcome that challenge? Finally, ask the class at least one question about writing you still have.

In your two classmate responses answer the question your classmate asked about writing.

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