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post eng110 unit 7 discussion latest 2017 october

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Subject: English
Due on: 10/17/2017
Posted On: 10/17/2017 10:28 AM

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Unit 7 discussion

Revision and Writing Advice

You should be in the middle of revising your essay to hand in at the end of this unit. The idea behind revision is to create a polished piece of work. All writers have to revise their work at some point, and most writers have developed their own method for revision. "'My Pencils Outlast Their Erasers': Great Writers on the Art of Revision" is an article in The Atlantic that features quotes from famous writers on revision.

For your initial post-

Describe in one paragraph which quote resonated with you the most. How does the quote reflect your own revision process? Make sure to include proper citations with a corresponding reference for any direct quote.

In a second paragraph, consider what you plan to revise within your own essay. What do you think you need to revise in your essay? Why do you need to revise it? What is your plan for that revision?

For your two response posts, please answer the following-

What was your reaction to the quote your classmate selected from the article?

What advice would you give your classmate as he or she works on the essay revision?

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post eng110 unit 7 discussion latest 2017 october

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Posted On: 10/17/2017 10:28 AM
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post_eng110_unit_7_discussion_latest_2017_october.docx (22.93 KB)
Preview: to xxxxx whatever xxxxxxxx that come xxxxxxxx also helps xx identify xxx xxxxx where xxxx work is xxxxxx For instance xxx have xxxxxxx xx develop xxxx thesis further xxx an effective xxxxxxxx Tags: xxxx xxxxx Quote xxxx as UnreadThread:DB xxxxxxxxx DB 7Author: xxxx Larrabee xxxxxx xxxxx October xxx 2017 11:06 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx your post xxx almost xxxx x was xxxxxxx about my xxxx I have x similar xxxxxxx xx yours xxxx if I xxxx myself some xxxx for xxxxxxxxxxxxxx x keep xxxxxxx ideas and xxxxxxxx while I xxxxx with xxx xxxxx Therefore, xxxx you I xxxx write and xxxxx revise xx xxxxxx that xxxxx is fluidity xxx continuity among xxx different xxxxxxxxxx xxx are xxxxx working on xxxx thesis as xxx have xxxx xxxxxx more xxxxxxxxx to support xxxx thesis I xxxxx with xxx xxxxx the xxxx paragraph We xxxx to work xx the xxxxxx xxxxxx to xxxx an appropriate xxxxxxxxxxxx Tags: None xxxxx Quote xxxx xx UnreadThread:unit xxxxxxxxxx 7Author: Toby xxxxxxxx Posted Date: xxxxxxx 14, xxxx xxxxx PMStatus:Published"Throw xx in your xxxxxxxxxx every morning xxxxx up xxxxx xxxx " xxxx quote by xxxxxxx Chandler (Temple, xxxxx resonates xxxx xx the xxxx I feel xxxx brainstorming thoughts xx not xxxx xx much xxxxxx myself time xxx brainstorm does xxx yield xxxx xx a xxxxxx In fact, xx is only xxxx I xxxxx xx write xxxx thoughts and xxxxx come to xx I xxxx xx write xxxxxxxx thoughts come xx me The xxxxx draft xxxx x prepare xxxxxxx tends to xx messy It xx only xxxx x have xxxxxxxx with the xxxxx I sit xxxx to xxxxxx xxxxxxxx for xx is very xxxxxxxxx I have xx reread xxxx x have xxxxxxx to ensure xxxx the paragraphs xxx well xxxxxxxxxx xxx that xxxxx is continuity xxxxxxx them There xxx often xxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxx structures as xxxx which are xxxxxxxxx when x xxxxxx Thus’ xxx quote "Throw xx in your xxxxxxxxxx every xxxxxxx xxxxx up xxxxx noon" resonated xxxx me As x have xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx I xxxxxxxx is an xxxxxxxx part of xx writing xxxxxxx x would xxxx to revise xxxx component of xxx thesis xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx once x am done xxxx the components, xxxxxx the xxxxxx xxxxxx https://www xxxxxxxxxxx com/entertainment/archive/2013/01/my-pencils-outlast-their-erasers-great-writers-on-the-art-of-revision/267011/ Tags: xxxx Reply Quote xxxx as xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx great xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Quotes from xxxxx writersAuthor: Gayle xxxxxx Posted xxxxx xxxxxxx 14, xxxx 3:06 PMStatus:PublishedThis xx great advice, x normally xxxxx xxx re xxxx and write xxxx more, I xx this xxxxxxx xxxxx before x am happy x am going xx try xxxxx x need xxxx time in xxxxxxx to be xxxx to xxxx xxxx ideas xxxx to me xx sounds like xxxx essay xx xx all xxx and you xxxx what to xx Great xxx xxxxx None xxxxx Quote Mark xx ReadThread:DB 7Post:RE: xx 7Author: xxxx xxxxxx INSTRUCTOR xxxxxxx Posted Date: xxxxxxx 13, 2017 xxxx AMStatus:PublishedThanks xxx xxxxxxxx Christian!I xxxx this quotation xxxxxxx it helps xx feel xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx by xxx writing process xxxx I tell xxxxxx tha.....
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