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eng1300 Week 5 Assignment 1 Discussion latest 2017

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Subject: English
Due on: 08/17/2017
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Week 5 - Assignment 1 Discussion

Assignment 1: Scholarly Article Annotation

By Week 5, Day 3, post your response to the Discussion Area.

By the end of the week, comment on at least two of your classmates’ submissions. Remember that your replies should help your classmates expand, clarify, defend, and/or refine their work. You can ask questions and use declarative sentences to express your thoughts. Be sure to be honest, clear, and concise, referring to specific words and passages from your classmates’ work. Always use constructive language, and avoid negative language; work toward using a tone and spirit of intellectual curiosity and discovery. Your responses to your peers' writing should include specifics if you are attempting to make a point.

This week you will have the opportunity to practice the skills of finding scholarly articles in the library. First, refer to the lecture about conducting research in the South University Online Library. Next, go to the library and find one credible, scholarly source examining the short story that was the focus of your essay for W4: Assignment 2. Avoid popular publications, such as magazines, newspapers, and other informational media that are not research oriented. Try this Research Guide provided for this course by South University Online Library Services.

Post an annotation of your source in the discussion board. Your annotation should include:

A complete APA citation of your source. (APA Citation Helper)

A 150-word summary of the argument and key points of your source.

2–3 sentences explaining how the source is relevant to your paper from Week 4.

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eng1300 Week 5 Assignment 1 Discussion latest 2017

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Tutorial Preview …Week x Assignment…
week_5_assignment_1_Discussion.docx (33.38 KB)
Preview: it xxxx you xxxxx your case xx your paper? xxx want xx xxxx at xxxxx one good xxxxx from the xxxxxxx that xxxxx xxx build xxxx case in xxxx own paper x look xxxxxxx xx reading xxxx revision in xxxx 5 that xxxxxxxx information xxxx xxxx article xxxxxxx Collapse Mark xx ReadRE: W5A1Maria xxxxxxxx Email xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 7:37:40 xxxx Bibiana,I also xxxxx to write xxxxx The xxxxx xx Mango xxxxxx I liked xxx article too xx went xxxx xxxx detail xxxxx the person xxxxxxxxx is and xxxx happens xx xxx life xxx have a xxxx analysis about xxx article xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Mark xx ReadRE: W5A1Errick xxxxxx Email this xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 7:40:52 xxx xxxxxxx to xx back and xxxx this short xxxxx and xx xxxxxxx me x lot of xx childhood I xxxxxxxx help xxxx xx family xxxx moving, because xx father was xx the xxxxxxxx xxx I xxxxxx was to xxxx in one xxxxx so x xxxxx keep xxx same friends xxx stay in xxx same xxxxxx xxxxxx all xxx time can xxxx a toll xx a xxxxx xxxx they xxxx want the xxxxxxxx life to xx the xxxx xxxx short xxxxx was a xxxxx read Respond xxxxxxxx Mark xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1: xxxxxxxxx Article AnnotationRaymeka xxxxx Email this xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 3:46:06 xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx formally xxxxxxxxxx with the xxxxxxx story, Battle xxxxxx one xxx xxxxxxxxxx grasp xxx overall meaning xx this particular xxxxxxx Author xxx xxxxxx illustrator xxxxx Ellison, wrote xxxx extravagant message xx the xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx the xxxxx upon self-discovery xxx the importance xxxxxx fighting xxx xxxx moral, xxxxx liberty, and xxxxx for having x purpose xx xxxx world xxxx story was xxx of many xxxxxxx tales xxxx xxxxxxxxx a xxxxx man aware xxx confused about xxxxxxx as x xxxxxx He xxxxx related himself xx an invisible xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with xx xxxxx nor xxxxxxx for living xx times; especially, xx the xxxxx xx was xxxxxx (mainly during xxxxxxx After choosing xxxx particular xxxxx xx write xxxxx the scholarly xxxxxxx I chose xxx Journey xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Road xx Perdition by xxxxx Miliora In xxx text, xxxxx xxxxxxxxx a xxx by the xxxx of Michael xxxxxxxx and xxx xxxxxxxxx journey xx a loss-soul xx was one xxxxx as xxx xxxxxxxx in xxx story, Battle xxxxxx who also, xxxxxxxx in xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx finding x way to xxxxxxxx a voice xxxxxxx to xxx xxxxxxxxx from xxxxxx Royal, Sullivan xxx the road xx perdition xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx with xxxxxxxxxx himself He xxx a very xxxxxxx individual xxx xxxx as xxx soon)who did xxx obtain a xxxxx to xxxxxxx xxx emotions xxxxx the ending xx the story xxxx specific xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx was x helpful source xxx me because xx provided xxx xxxxx same xxxxxxx as the xxxxx battle royal xxx man, xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx but xxxxxxxxx from the xxxx cause and xxxxxxx purpose xx xxx message xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a voice xxx self-discovery This xxxxxxx greatly xxxxxxx xx story xxx helps by xxxxxxxxx helpful details xxx examples xx xxxxx gain xxx purpose behind xxx text Phenomenal xxxxxxx just xxxx xxx story xxx very useful xxxx explaining the xxxxxxx theme xxx x.....
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