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DeVry Chicago ENGL 135 Week 1 Topic Selection Assignment

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Due on: 05/06/2016
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For this assignment, you will choose a topic, narrow it, research different points of view about it, and identify your audience in order to develop your angle on the topic.

After looking at the list of topics below, which was shared in Week 1’s lecture, choose a topic in which you have more than just a passing interest. The best topic to choose is one which impacts you in some way. Having personal experience with the topic will probably lend some perspective on it and may get you closer to an angle on it. Also, sometimes research can be daunting, but if you have personal experience with the topic, or are even passionate about it, you will probably be more motivated to keep working when the “going gets tough.” Thus, while “interest” in a topic is important, mere interest will probably not sustain you through this project. You might ask yourself, “What is it about this topic that sparks my interest enough to write a ten page paper about it?”

Once you choose the topic, please respond to the five questions below. Each of your responses should be approximately two paragraphs in length. This assignment will be graded using the Week 1 Assignment Rubric available in Doc Sharing.




Health and Wellness

School Bullies

Multitasking and Technology

Sexualization of Girls

College Students and Weight Issues

No Child Left Behind Act/Race to the Top

Technology and Social Isolation

Gender Discrimination

Childhood Obesity

Grade Inflation

Perils of Social Networking

Unequal Rights in Marriage, Children

Fad Diets

College Students and Underage Drinking

Online Dating/Online Predators/Sex Offenders

Children of Divorce

Junk Food

Student Debt

Illegal Downloading of Protected Content

Domestic Violence

Sedentary Lifestyles

College Students, Cheating, and Plagiarism

Internet Censorship/ Classified Information Leaks


Teenage Pregnancy

College Dropout Rates

Identity Theft

Life-Work (Im)balance/Flexible Work Schedules

Concussions in Athletes

High School Dropouts

Texting and Driving

Insurance Premiums for Smokers and Obese Employees

  1. What is your possible topic? Brainstorm five questions about it.
  2. How is the topic important to you and how does it affect you? What do you personally hope to gain or accomplish by writing about this topic?
  3. Research your topic and provide a brief summary of the current points of view about the topic. Share at least two different/opposing positions on the topic.
  4. Describe whom you might choose as your audience. Who are your readers, and what are their needs, motivations, and influences? In what ways will you need to structure your writing to appeal to them?
  5. 1. What specific issue will you write about within the larger topic, and what unique angle will you provide?

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DeVry Chicago ENGL 135 Week 1 Topic Selection Assignment

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